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What is Psychophonetics?

’The One who can See Oneself – can See the World’

Psychophonetics is a groundbreaking new modality in the field of self development, counselling, coaching and psychotherapy. It is highly effective, direct and spiritual.

Psychophonetics practicioners work with the threefold aspect of man – Body – Soul – Spirit. If you undertake a psychophonetics councelling process you are bound to experience that you are infinately more than what you had thought earlier. Life altering changes are the result.

The use of inner images, full body awareness, gestures and sounds as universal alphabets bring deep soul impressions to the surface to be seen and to be dealt with consciously.  The whole process becomes an artistic, self-expression based cathartic healing.

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Why does Psychophonetics work?

Yehuda Tagar

Co-founder and director of Psychophonetics Institute International

President Psychosophy Academy of Central Europeof (PACE)

Course director of British College of Methodical Empathy (BECOME)
Skola Empathie (Slovakia),
South African Foundation of Empathy (SAFE)
Association for the Promotion of Artistic Therapy (APAT)

Yehuda Tagar is the founder of Applied Psychosophy, Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy. He is an Australian, South African, British psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists, coaches and counsellors.

Yehuda was born in Israel in 1953, studied, worked and taught in the UK (1980-1984 & 2007 until now), in Australia (1985-2007), Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary (2012 onwards). He lectures all around the world and has published a great number of articles and teaches Psychophonetics an Anthroposophical Psychotherapy which he developed through his practice. He teaches in the UK, South Africa, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel and Latin America.

Yehuda studied humanities, literature, education, history and philosophy at the Haifa University; English literature and Theatre in Flinders University and the University of Adelaide; Social Science, Counselling & Psychotherapy at the University of South Australia; Anthroposophy at Emerson College, England. He is currently writing his PhD thesis on the philosophical origins of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) Germany.

He has 3 sons and 4 grandchildren in Israel, USA and South Africa and currently lives in Slovakia.

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