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Sexual intimacy as personal development April 2016 (Yehuda tagar)

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Real Forgiveness: A Path of Personal Transformation Sept 2015 (Yehuda tagar)

Philophonetics and universal sound- On the universal foundation of all human languages Tagar, Y. (1986)

Philophonetics – Language for the whole being Tagar, Y. (1991)

Jealousy as a path of selfhood, Tagar, Y. (1994)

Recovery from chronic fatigue – My return to life, Reilly, M. (1995)

Compassion – A path of self healing 1995 (Yehuda Tagar)

The golden coin of now- The present moment as a starting point for healing – Golden Age Magazine. Issue 29, Feb:March (Yehuda Tagar)

Recreating heart safety – 1998 Nova Magazine (Yehuda Tagar)

Heart to art therapy – Exploring the journey where art meets healing 1999 (Birch, L.)

How much of you is here? DNA Monthly Ezine, May 2007 (Katherine Train)

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Psychophonetics Institute International – A School of Methodical Empathy