Year 1: FOUNDATION YEAR IN PSYCHOPHONETICS 2018-02-26T10:44:57+00:00

Apply to our next Slovak Foundation year in November!

240 hours of training

40 hours of training / 5-day seminar

Course cost

EUR2000333 EUR x 6 may be paid per intensive


Certificate in Mentorship for Personal Sustainability, Leadership Skills & Methodical Empathy

Are you looking for personal transformation or want to learn the tools to have a life altering effect on others? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you want a professional coaching career, or just to heal yourself and be of deeper service to those around you, the skills you learn with us will serve you in all areas of your life.


  • You will start learning the use of the singularly powerful tool of Psychophonetics – Methodical Empathy.

  • Your capacity for self awareness will deepen significantly and will gain greater understanding of yourself

  • The course enable to transform yourself – developing the capacity and skillset to help others in their personal development

  • You will gain a deeper awareness of the human being and the world through the unique insights of Antroposophy, Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy

  • You will use bodywork, verbal and artistic self-expression to go deeper and realize your higher potential

  • By the end of the course you will be able to effectively process life challenges with the self-therapeutic process of Psychophonetics

If you already work in the helping professions, social sector, healthcare, education, coaching, councelling or psychotherapy this course will give you a completely new perspective and skills. Psychophonetics is a very new but also a very complex modality that can be effectively mastered in three years. The Foundation year is the first step along this road. It is complete in itself and if you do not wish to become a Psychophonetics councellor – we guarantee you it will bring you to your next level.

 THE 6 INTENSIVE SEMINARS OF THE FOUNDATION YEAR  – 5 days/ Intensive – 240 hours

You will cover the following topics during the 6 intesives during the foundation year. It is our experience that these intensives and their structure is optimal in inderstanding, experiencing and developing the psychophonetics skillset, developing the perception and equipment to practice psychophonetics as a mentor.

This is what you will learn:


  • Anthroposophy
    • The nature of human beings and their development
    • Theory of Knowledge – Experience + Cognition
    • The 12 + 3 senses
    • Crossing Thresholds
    • Transformation of soul forces into future faculties of perception
  • Psychophonetics:
    • The structure of psyche/ the soul as a metabolic system for experience
    • Operation of psychological processes/ inner & outer boundaries of the soul
    • Psychophonetics theory & ethics
  • Introduction to Psychosophy:
    • The formation of memory
    • The healing of memory
    • The 4 streams of time


  • Fundamentals of Psychophonetics
  • Phenomenology of Experience: Sensing, Gesture, Visualization and Sound of the soul
  • Exploration, Empowerment & Resourcefulness Sequences
  • Phenomenology of Experience: Sensing, Gesture, Visualization and Sound of the soul
  • Overcoming Reactions – Exploded Reactions
  • Overcoming Reactions – Imploded Reactions
  • Owning Projections
  • Inner Child – Inner Adult
  • Healing of Memories – practice
  • Recovery from Abuse
  • Recovery from Addiction
  • Decision Making


  • Introduction to Methodical Empathy
  • Methodical Empathy 1: Inviting Skills – Deep Empathic Responses (DER)
  • Methodical Empathy 2: Organizing Skills – Summaries
  • Methodical Empathy 3: Personalizing Skills – Challenging: activating the will to go deeper
  • Methodical Empathy 4: Concluding Skills – Activating the will to act
  • Methodical Empathy 5: The Wish – understanding, classifying, operationalizing and applying the wish
  • Parallel processing (PP)
  • Self Empathy Skills


  • Introduction to the 7 Conditions for sustainable personal development
  • Condition 1: Self Care – Responsibility for one’s own wellbeing on the basis of one’s own intuition.
  • Condition 2:  Deep Leadership – Seeing others from their own point of view – commitment to empathy
  • Condition 3: Self Management – regarding inner life as real
  • Condition 4:  Mentorship Skills – Acknowledging parallel Realities; Healthy Boundaries.
  • Condition 5: Mentorship Skills – Making accountable decision & Acting on Decisions
  • Condition 6:Mentorship Skills – Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Condition 7:Mentorship Skills – Consistency
  • Counseling & Coaching Skills


  • Introduction to the experience of the Sounds of human speech
  • Sound Vocabulary
  • Sound Naming
  • Preparation for Sound Project
  • The healing power of sounds – Chirophonetics

The Foundation year is a challenging training because you will be developing your sensing, latent tools you haven’t been using within your body to create a new depth of empathy you haven’t experienced before. There will be new concepts that you will understand parallel to experiencing them in group practice and demonstrations by Yehuda Tagar.

As you may see the Foundation year is a high standard, complex training covering a wide range of subjects both theoreticaly and practically. If you are looking for deep self development, self-healing and professional development and in-depth training – this course is for you. There is possibility to join the Foundation year only until the second intensive. After that the group will be closed, but we welcome you to join next year.