Year 2: DIPLOMA IN HOLISTIC COACHING & COUNSELLING 2017-07-23T16:12:38+00:00

Year 2: Diploma in Holistic Coaching & Counselling  – Methodical Empathy

(6 blocks of 5-day intensive seminars throughout the year)

Together with the Foundation Year in Psychophonetics (Certificate in Mentorship for Personal Sustainability this course becomes a complete 2-years professional training in Psychophonetics Coaching and Counselling.

A one year post graduate course in practical skills for coaching, counselling and Methodical Empathy. It prepare prepares and qualifies people to work independently as generic professional coaches and counsellors in private practice, collaborative clinics and human services.

Course Content:

  • Deepening the practical skills of Psychophonetics for personal and professional application
  • Deepening the skills of personal processing, personal and spiritual development
  • Deepening the skills of Methodical Empathy and Parallel Processing
  • Introduction to Psychosophy, its theoretical background and applications
  • Training in Psychophonetics Conversational Phase
  • Training in Psychophonetics Action Phase
  • Acquiring effective practical skills in Holistic Counselling
  • Acquiring effective practical skills in Holistic Coaching
  • Training in Phenomenology & Methodology of Experience Awareness
  • Practicing Holistic Counselling, Coaching and Small Group leadership under supervision.

Who is it for: This course is for people who wish to become effective professional coaches and counsellors while keep developing themselves as human beings, with the powerful tools of Psychophonetics and with the ever-deepening applicable insights of Psychosophy, Anthroposophy, Philosophy of Freedom and Methodical Empathy.

It is for mature adults and experienced professionals in the fields of therapy, education, business leadership, technology, arts and human services who wish to transform their rich experience and wisdom into a new application of empowering others, while deepening their connection to their inner wisdom and creativity.

Outcome: Becoming effective and sustainable professional Psychophonetics Holistic Coaches and Counsellors.

Qualification Allows 

  1. Coaching and Counselling registration and membership in IAPP (International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners)
  2. Licence to practice professionally as a Psychophonetics coach and counsellor.

Entry requirements

  1. An under graduate degree (or a professional diploma), an academic qualification in a field relevant to human development, healing and leadership
  2. At least 4 years of work experience in a relevant field involving people’s management, care, education or healing
  3. Completion of Psychophonetics Institute International Certificate in Mentorship for Personal Sustainability, Leadership Skills and Methodical Empathy
  4. Demonstrated commitment and ability to act as a positive agent of change in their society
  5. An interview and a statement of motivation.