Year 4: Fellowship Diploma in Anthroposophical Psychotherapy

Anthroposophy, Psychosophy, Psychophonetics

One Year Part Time

A full psychotherapy qualification grounded in Anthroposophy, Psychosophy and Psychophonetics

The Fellowship Diploma in Anthroposophical Psychotherapy upgrades the qualification of Psychophonetics Practitioner (completion of 3rd year of the training) into a full psychotherapy qualification.

It qualifies the graduates to a full professional membership of IAPP – International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners, and to membership in the Psychosophy Fellowship of Anthroposophical Psychotherapists, a nascent fellowship that was born at the 100 years anniversary conference of Psychosophy in Berlin in November 2010.

The Fellowship Diploma training is optional for all graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Psychophonetics Practitioner. It can be accomplished at any time after that qualification, pending only on continuous active practice of Psychophonetics and registration as a Psychophonetics Practitioner.

The Fellowship Diploma offers the following upgrades to the existing qualifications of Psychophonetics Practitioners:

  • It strengthen, deepen and enhance the efficiency of the professional Psychophonetics skills of the Conversational Phase, Action Phase and Group Facilitation.
  • It broadens and deepens the grasp, the creative use and the practical applications of Anthroposophy, Psychosophy and Psychophonetics: theories, thought forms, intelligence, inter-connectivity, cultural implications and practicality.
  • It provides a study of the broader field of Psychotherapy and its concerns.
  • It facilitates and completes a practical Psychophonetics Research and Development Project, making an original, creative contribution to the modality itself, henceforth becoming a Fellow of its creation.
  • It prepares and accomplish a presentation of the research project findings to a final ‘Hearing Panel’ of external examiners.

The completion of the Fellowship Diploma of Anthroposophical Psychotherapy requires the final panel presentation, a publication and a public presentation on topics related to Psychosophy, Psychophonetics or/and Anthroposophical Psychotherapy.

Entry criteria:

  1. Completion of the qualification as Psychophonetics Practitioner.
  2. Continuous practice as Psychophonetics Practitioner.
  3. Registration at IAPP – International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners, at least on Associate level.