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For health professionals




33 days


2975 €

Foundation year in Psychophonetics

1-year course completed by obtaining diploma
for health professionals -
body and soul For therapists, physical & mental health professionals, healers, body workers, medical doctors, psychologists & psychiatrists



“The task of 21st Century therapy is not the correction of pathology back to normalcy, but the transformation of all life challenges into opportunities for human development”

Yehuda Tagar

The human constitution is one ecosystem, a continuum of different dimensions of reality combining all the elements of nature plus the complexity of consciousness: living body, soul, spirit, relationship, memory, biography and destiny. A form of medicine that limits itself to the human being as a biological machine and a form of human psychology that limits itself to cognition and behaviour – cannot hope to meet effectively and sustainably the full reality of being a human being. The components of the human constitution that you ignore – are bound to undermine the treatment of the components of the human constitution that you acknowledge in your healing method. 

Psychophonetics is a bridge between the body orientated and the psychological oriented modalities of healing. It is a 21st century development of Anthroposophy, the holistic approach to the human phenomena that was founded by the philosopher, scientist and educator Rudolf Steiner (1961-1925) – holistic approaches were founded for psycho-somatic medicine and therapies (Anthroposophical Medicine), education (Waldorf schools), farming (Biodynamics) and social development. His foundation for holistic psychology was proposed at the start of the 20th century: Psychosophy, but, as he predicted, it was evolved into a practical method of coaching, counselling, personal development, psychotherapy and psycho-somatic healing only  in the 90’s of last century: Psychophonetics – a Psychology of Freedom (to match the high standards of The Philosophy of Freedom (an epistemology and ethics based on Spiritual Science).  

Psychophonetics is a modality of holistic personal development, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and psycho-somatic therapy created by Yehuda Tagar in the 80’s and 90’s as an original form of ‘Expression-Based’ Methodical Empathy consultancy of participatory medicine and self-healing. It mobilises the deep intelligence and resources of the constant interaction of body, soul, spirit, relationship and environment, transforming illnesses and crisis on all levels as opportunities for personal development and transformation. It includes element of Husserl  Phenomenology, Rogerian Person Centred Therapy, Creative Arts/expression therapy, and psycho-neuro-endo-immunology (PNEI). Psychophonetics enables people to become active participants in the process of their own healing on all levels. 

Psychophonetics mobilizes the deep resources of Body-Awareness, Movement & Gesture, Spontaneous Visualization and the healing power of the universal sounds of human speech. It develops the ‘Empathic Intelligence’ which is potential in everyone today by activating deep perception of human experience both in the therapist and in the client. It Puts the client’s self-awareness at the centre of the therapeutic/developmental process, preventing ‘therapeutic dependency’ by facilitating the continuation of the therapeutic process at home. It enables a connection between the intelligence based on the central nervous system – and the normally unconscious intelligence of the autonomic and enteric nervous system through the engagement of verbal and non-verbal modes of communication. This connection enables efficient direct connection between the client’s deep body memories and his/her awareness, enables self-visibility of old defence mechanisms and the personal reality underlying them. 

In this way Psychophonetics is a form of ‘Participatory Medicine’ enabling the client to be an active member of the therapeutic team, mobilising his/her Inner Healer into independent action on all levels of the psycho-spiritual-somatic continuum.

Target group

Therapists and aspiring therapies of body and soul who are striving for a more holistic, effective and sustainable approach to healing and to the involvement of the client in the therapeutic process.

What you get

Broader therapeutic skills for Methodical Empathy, Participatory Medicine and a holistic understanding of the human constitution and of human development. 

Bodily clinical applications of Psychophonetics arising from many years of clinical experience in integrative medical clinics in Australia and South Africa include a broad range of psychotherapeutic and psycho-somatic topics, including: Pain Management both Emotional & Physical/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ burnout/ Auto Immune Syndromes/ Migraine & other Head-aches/ asthma/ / Skin issues: Eczema, Acne, Hay Fever/ High Blood pressure/Irritable Bowels Syndrome/ Ulcer/ Herpes/ Posture re-alignment/ Repetitive Strain Injury/ panic attack/ urinary track inflammation/Cancer Counselling & Enhancing the body’s ability to overcome Cancer/ Palliative Care/ Deepening Breathing/ Grounding & incarnation/ Lifting kidneys/ heart ache.

Psycho-therapeutical applications of Psychophonetics include: Methodical Empathy based on Self-Empathy/recovering from trauma/ abuse/ addiction (both substance and behavioural)/ anxiety/ reactions/projections/ inner child work/ relationship counselling/ sexual healing/ various personality disorders (only self-referred)/ parental skills/ burnout/ chronic negativity & self-negativity/ initiation into adulthood/ depression/ guilt & shame/ self-fear/self-hatred/self-doubt/ parenting skills/ decision making/vocational counselling/ communication skills/ intimacy skills/ self-management skills/ interpersonal boundaries/ self-authority/ spiritual development of deep intelligence: Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. 


  • Processing and self-processing
  • Methodical Empathy
  • Self-healing skills
  • Deep intelligence: Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition 
  • Self-diagnostic skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Holistic approach to the human constitution
  • Child development
  • Adult development
  • Biographical studies
  • Introduction to Psycho-Neuro-Endo-Immunology
  • Introduction to Anthroposophical medicine 
  • Introduction to psychological and psychotherapeutic theories
  • Coaching skills
  • Basic counselling skills
  • Group process
  • Practicum.


Seminar 1.1: Fundamentals of psychophonetics
Seminar 1.2: Self-awareness and self-care
Seminar 1.3: Self-management and methodological empathy
Seminar 1.4: Methodological empathy, deep leadership and personal development
Seminar 1.5: Mentoring skills
Seminar 1.6: Coaching and mentoring skills

A detailed agenda will be emailed to registered participants one week prior to the seminar.

How it works

It includes 6 x 4 days intensive seminars ending with a 1-day final session (25 days total attendance).

  • Each teaching day consists of 4 blocks where the theoretical basics of the methodology and mental phenomena are alternated with practical demonstrations, actual training of the method- either on yourself or in a pair or group, and supervision questions (depending on the content of the specific seminar).
  • 1x during the seminar is an evening lecture.
  • Closed group max. 25 students per group.
  • We also organize the first seminar to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the form, course and conditions of the study. After the first meeting you can decide to continue your studies.
  • The course is conducted in Slovak and English simultaneously with translation.
  • Seminars will be conducted in a face-to-face format (preferred) or online as videoconference (via Zoom) if the situation does not allow us to meet physically.
  • 4 face-to-face sessions with a psychophonetic counselor are mandatory within the year as a personal experience with the methodology.
  • This includes small group work between sessions and practice of the skills learned.

Main lecturer / trainer

Yehuda Tagar
An Israeli, Australian, South African and British coach, counsellor, psychotherapist, international consultant, trainer and lecturer, currently based in Bernolákovo (near Bratislava), Slovakia.

Date and location

The seminars are organized in two locations: in Košice and in Bernolákovo (near Bratislava).

Bratislava – Group I

I1.1    February 2022         9-13.2.2022 
I1.2    April/May 2022    27.4 -1.5.2022 
I1.3    June 2022            18-22.6.2022 
I1.4    September 2022      21-25.9.2022 
I1.5    November 2022      23-27.11.2022 
I1.6    February 2023         8-12.2.2023 
I1.7    April 2023          28-30.4.2023 (graduation)

Košice – KD group

KD1.1   June 2022              1-5.6.2022
KD1.2   September 2022      14-18.9.2022
KD1.3   November 2022       9-13.11.2022
KD1.4   January 2023         18-22.1.2023
KD1.5   March 2023          22-26.3.2023
KD1.6   June 2023             7-11.6.2023
KD1.7   September 2022      15-17.9.2023

Price and Payment terms

The study fee for the one-year course is €2975.

You can take the first seminar separately for €425 (payable as a deposit in advance). For the first seminar only, we offer discounts for early purchase, when payed:

  1. 6 months in advance (First Minute) -€100
  2. 4 months in advance (Christmas discount) -€75
  3. 2 months in advance or participation in the Open Day (Early Birds) -€50


And only after the first seminar you can decide to continue for an additional €2550.
The remaining price can be paid in one of 2 ways:

  1. At once with a 10% discount, i.e. only €2295 (saving €255)
  2. In 3 instalments of €850 each


Cancellation conditions

  1. If you cancel your participation less than 30 days before the start of the 1st seminar, you are obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the first seminar without a discount.
  2. If you cancel your participation more than 30 days before the start of the training or if the course cannot take place for organisational reasons, we will refund the entire fee if you already paid one.
  3. We do not provide financial compensation for the non-participation in classes. The seminars are recorded, and the recordings are temporarily available to a closed group of students of the given year.
  4. In case of premature termination of the course due to reasons on the part of the interested party, the right to refund or reduction of the study fee cannot be claimed.


The interested party is obliged to notify the withdrawal from the course in writing via e-mail to

By signing up for training in writing, the interested party also expresses his agreement with the cancellation conditions.

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