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Coaching for Deep Leadership – Self-Leadership as a pre-condition for leadership of others

Seminar online and in-person with Yehuda Tagar




About Coaching for Deep Leadership

“……mankind is not aware of the problem to which the higher human being in oneself is the
solution.” (Nietzsche interpreted)

Everyone is ‘pregnant’ with the growing embryo of the higher version of oneself. The past 500 years
old process of individuation reached the point in which leadership of adults from outside is
becoming irrelevant, regressive and toxic. Outer spiritual authority is now replaced by a vacuum that
can only be filled from the inside of people’s individual consciousness.

We are all ‘pregnant’ by the
growing embryo of what Friedrich Nietzsche prophetically called 139 years ago ‘The Higher Human
Being’ (Das Übermensch) in everyone. The individual desire to give birth to oneself on a higher level
– burns in everyone, consciously or not. More than a ‘problem solver’ – 21 st Century coaching,
counselling and psychotherapy should be the midwives for that.

Psychophonetics is a method of giving birth to one’s own teacher, leader and healer. On its first level
Psychophonetics is a method of ‘Deep Leadership’ of one’s own inner and outer personal life.

This evening will introduce the use of Psychophonetics as a method of coaching for deep leadership.


The seminar consists of

  • an introduction to the topic
  • a discussion
  • a practical demonstration of Psychophonetics work


Yehuda Tagar, Director of Psychophonetics Institute International and Co-Director of the School of Empathy – is an international coach, consultant, therapist and trainer, founder of Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy.

Why Psychophonetics

With the help of Psychophonetics, I can look at what is happening inside me as if it were on the screen in front of me, and I can make the necessary changes as a result

More info

  • For online: you will receive a zoom link a day before the event.
  • We close the group 30 minute after the beginning of the seminar to ensure the group safety.
  • The seminar is in English translated to Slovak.


  • public 15 €
  • students of School of Empathy free entry

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The event is finished.


Fri, 18. November 2022


18:00 - 21:00


15 €


Office Kosice
Tolsteho 3, Kosice, Slovak republic


The School of Empathy, Košice
+421 948 216 772


  • Yehuda Tagar
    Yehuda Tagar

    Riaditeľ Psychophonetics Institute International a spoluriaditeľ Školy Empatie, medzinárodný kouč, konzultant, terapeut a tréner, zakladateľ Psychofonetiky a Metodickej empatie.