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Ecology of Soul

Awareness of the Body-Soul-Spirit-Relationship Ecosystem, its sustainability and development with Psychophonetics & Chirophonetics.

Every human relationship is a unique ecosystem.

Yehuda Tagar

A weekend summer retreat by Yehuda and Miroslava Tagar,
29-31 July 2022, Zajezova vzdelávacie centrum.

Every human relationship is a unique eco-system: a constant interaction of various beings and elements resulting in a combined outcome. It is comparable with the interactions of air, water, sun, soil, trees, animals and human impact in the ecosystem of every part of the land. The health and sustainability of both systems depends on the balance between their components. In human relationship the components are the bodies, souls and spirits of the people involved, compounded by the complexity of their internal characters, conscious and unconscious, their surrounding social systems (social, cultural, economic, political, national and international) and their diverse individual and collective histories. The level of environmental awareness of these dynamics determine their level of sustainability and further development.

In this in-person retreat Yehuda and Miroslava Tagar will introduce fundamental elements for body, soul, spirit and relationship awareness, care and development based on Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy and Chirophonetics.

Major components of the retreat are:

  • Deep meeting of participants
  • Psychophonetics processes of self-awareness, self-care and personal development
  • Chirophonetics processes of body healing and nurturing with a combination of human touch and the universal sounds of human speech
  • The ’7 Conditions’ for sustainable personal & couple development
  • Fundamentals of sustainable human relationship in theory and practice
  • Rituals of Conscious Relationship
  • Self-leadership in becoming the director and the captain in the formation of individual and collective destinies.

All taught processes are designed to become self-managed independently at home.


International Psychophonetics coach, counsellor, consultant & trainer of Psychofonetics and Methodical Empathy, director of PII and Skola Empatie.

Miroslava Tagar

Psychophonetics and Chirophonetics practitioner, a special pedagogue and a consultant for schools, director of Skola Empatie.

Why Psychophonetics

Psychophonetics helps people in crossing their thresholds. I can use my potential if I understand my inner world and I understand what is going on in me. Only then I can influence it in a desired way.

Thanks to Psychophonetics I can look at my soul as if it was on the screen in front of me and I can change what I want to.

More info

Minimal number of participants: 15
Workshop is conducted in English with translation into Slovak.


  • Cost of seminar:
    • until 15/6/2022: Individual enrolment: 210 €, Couple enrolment 360 €
    • until 15/7/2022: Individual enrolment: 250 €, Couple enrolment 400 €
  • Accomodation and food included in the price of the seminar.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The event is finished.


Fri - Sun, 29. - 31. July 2022


v piatok od 18:00
All day


early bird


Education centre Zajezova
Polomy 20, Pliesovce-Polomy, Slovak republic


The School of Empathy, Košice
+421 948 216 772