Gratitude for renewal of relationships

Seminar online and in-person with Yehuda Tagar




Tentokrát o tom, ako môžeme vrátiť ľuďom, situáciám a okamihom v našom živote ich jedinečnosť.

We often get caught in relationships that vegetate, imprison us, die in our hands. At the same time, they are essential for us and our children. We care about such relationships, but we don’t know how to resurrect them, restore them, bring it back to life. And at the same time we have the solution within reach!

We are running through our life, trying to withstand all tasks and expectations. Meanwhile we create relationships, commitments for life. We sincerely hope that we will be able to fulfill them. At the moment of promise, we sincerely believe in what we say.

And then – as if the gray of ordinary days envelopes us, the speed of deadlines overwhelms us, the persistence of economic and social life dries us up.

We do not even notice and approach ourselves, our body, our soul, our children, our partners, our colleagues as the pilgrims on the way. We barely notice them. This way we can miss even the most precious moments. In this way, every celebration becomes a banality. Even Superman will become just an annoying neighbor.

How can we return the uniqueness to the moments in our life? How to return the promises and the people around us their importance?

We have the source at our fingertips. It is inexhaustible, it will never get smaller. Like the rhythm of the heart, as long as we live, it does not betray us. Just remember that. 

Conscious gratitude is a bottomless goblet. It is ready to confirm and restore the meaningfulness of the current moment every day.

We will show you – how we can bring people, situations and moments in our lives back to their uniqueness.


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Yehuda Tagar, Director of Psychophonetics Institute International and Co-Director of the School of Empathy – is an international coach, consultant, therapist and trainer, founder of Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy.

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It is a closed group for practical experience of working with this topic.

Subsequently, after a break, a practical demonstration of working with Psychophonetics on a given topic via zoom. We will send the link to the registered participants.


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Wed, 8. June 2022


18:00 - 21:00


15 €


Office Kosice
Tolsteho 3, Kosice, Slovak republic


The School of Empathy, Košice
+421 948 216 722
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  • Yehuda Tagar
    Yehuda Tagar

    Riaditeľ Psychophonetics Institute International a spoluriaditeľ Školy Empatie, medzinárodný kouč, konzultant, terapeut a tréner, zakladateľ Psychofonetiky a Metodickej empatie.

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