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Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy



Dear friends,
we would like to invite you to Yehuda Tagar’s lectures/workshops tour in Bristol on November 3-5, 2023.

You will find us at: The Subud Hall, 29 Wesley Place, Bristol, BS8 2YD


 Friday 3rd November

evening event 6 pm – 9 pm

Methodical Empathy with Psychophonetics

Empathy is a new word for a new human faculty: you will not find it in any dictionary before 1951 when Carl Rogers first published it. It became international within two years because we needed it: the instinctive, traditional, customary, group-based ability to understand each other started to fall apart. We invented empathy to replace it. It is an evolving baby in human evolution: needed by everyone – rarely available. It has to be cultivated consciously and methodically.
Seven different kinds of empathy already exist in the world today, three illusionary, three real, and one being the turning point between the two:

Illusionary Empathy:

  • 1) projective;
  • 2) intellectual;
  • 3)manipulative.

The turning point:

  • 4) Self-Empathy.

Real Empathy

  • 5) Perceptive Empathy;
  • 6)Transformative Empathy;
  • 7) Enabling Empathy.

This 3 hours seminar – including a demonstration of Psychophonetics session – will outline, define and characterise these seven kinds of empathy, outline the stages of Methodical Empathy (genuine empathy), and explain how we develop empathy methodically in Psychophonetics professional training.

  • entrance fee £15
Saturday 4th November

WHOLE DAY workshop 9am – 5pm

Experiential Workshop

Trauma is an experience that is not digested, and it keeps creating toxicity inside the human system. It is, by its nature, a psych-somatic reality. A psychology that does not understand the body cannot heal trauma; a medicine that does not understand the soul – cannot either.
Trauma is the sickness of experience itself, just between body and soul.
Psychophonetics is a method of psycho-somatic healing, enabling people to observe their subjective experiences with perspective and to become their healers. It views the human soul as a metabolic system for human experiences: experience is ‘soul-food’, and just like it is on the physical level – so it is on the psychological one: food that you eat and digest – nurtures you; food that you eat and do not digest – toxify you. What does it mean to digest experience? It means to confront it, to face it with solid boundaries, to take in only what you choose to take in, to give it your meaning, to learn from it – and to get what of your system that you do not need, just like we do with physical food.
In light of Psychophonetics, trauma is an experience that entered the soul – but has not been digested. It is a foreign element that lives inside you, creating sickness. Time does not heal trauma. Medications can numb but cannot heal trauma. Only consciousness can. A traumatised system cannot heal its trauma, and no one from outside the system can either. A new power within one’s being must be invoked into reality – a new dimension of one’s ‘I’.

  • entrance fee £80
 Sunday 5th November

WHOLE DAY workshop 9 am – 5 pm


Every human relationship is a unique ecosystem: a constant interaction of various beings and elements resulting in a combined outcome. It is comparable with the interactions of air, water, sun, soil, trees, animals and human impact on the ecosystem of every part of the land. The health and sustainability of both systems depends on the balance between their components. In a human relationship, the components are the bodies, souls and spirits of the people involved, compounded by the complexity of their internal characters, conscious and unconscious, and their surrounding social systems (social, cultural, economic, political, national and international) and their diverse individual and collective histories. The level of environmental awareness of these dynamics determines their level of sustainability and further development. In this one-day workshop with Yehuda Tagar we will introduce fundamental elements for body, soul, spirit and relationship awareness, care and development based on Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy. The major components of the workshop are:

  • Deep meeting of participants
  • Psychophonetics processes of self-awareness, self-care and personal development
  • The ’7 Conditions’ for sustainable personal & couple development
  • Fundamentals of sustainable human relationship in theory and practice
  • Rituals of Conscious Relationship

Awareness of the Body-Soul-Spirit-Relationship Ecosystem, its sustainability and development with PSYCHOPHONETICS

  • entrance fee £80

Yehuda Tagar

Louise Waterfall

The event is finished.


Fri - Sun, 3. - 5. November 2023


The first day begining at 18:00
8:00 - 18:00

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  • Yehuda Tagar
    Yehuda Tagar

    Riaditeľ Psychophonetics Institute International a spoluriaditeľ Školy Empatie, medzinárodný kouč, konzultant, terapeut a tréner, zakladateľ Psychofonetiky a Metodickej empatie.