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Psychosomatic Self-Healing

SEMINAR with Yehuda Tagar at Škola empatie open to the public.




‘The client is the expert in the client’s own experience’

The human constitution is an integrated eco-system of realities on many levels. The separation of body, emotional/social and conscious/individual spirit dimensions into unrelated fields of inquiry: medicine, psychology, theology/mysticism – was always delusional and schizophrenic. There is no shred of evidence that any of them can exist without the others. A truly human medicine and therapy of any kind – should consider all three levels as one eco-system.

Late 20th century development in medicine (Psycho-Neuro-Endo-Immunology {PNEI} and Epigenetics), in psychology (Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology) and in philosophy (Phenomenology & Participatory Theory) herald the slow return of holistic approach to understanding and healing human beings – from 300 years of materialistic/atomistic/mechanical reductionism. They claim that human subjective realities objective effect the human body.

Psychophonetics Participatory Therapy is a contribution to this development, enabling people to become active participants in their own healing process on all levels.


The seminar consists of:

  • theoretical introduction
  • discussion
  • practical demonstration of Psychophonetics

Do not miss the opportunity to meet the founder of Psychophonetics, Yehuda Tagar, learn about the method directly from him and upgrade your life on any level!


A teacher, coach and counselor, the founder of Psychophonetics and the School of Empathy. He spent 20 years in integrative medical clinics in Australia and South Africa working with medical professionals and developing Psychophonetics as a participatory medicine therapy.

Why Psychophonetics

Psychophonetics helps people to take part in their own healing.

With the help of Psychophonetics, I can look at what is happening inside me as if it were on the screen in front of me, and I can make the necessary changes thanks to it.”

More info

  • For the online version: you will receive an email with a Zoom link one day before the event.
  • For personal participation: you will receive an email with details after your registration
  • The seminar is in English with Slovak translation.


  • public 15 €
  • students of School of Empathy free entry

Looking forward to meeting you!

The event is finished.


Fri, 11. November 2022


18:00 - 21:00


15 €


Office Kosice
Tolsteho 3, Kosice, Slovak republic


The School of Empathy
+421 910 926 450