I was interested in the idea that it is not enough to analyze in the head, but you also need to work and train on the relationship between me and me.


I want to thank. I want to ask you, could you do more of these online events? Even if Yehuda didn’t have time, what about the graduates? I would also like to continue.


I only understood it now as I had it as a child.


It was completely new for me, I had never thought about the relationship with my inner self, but I needed to hear it to realize that there is also this other side.


It was really very useful for me, it was nice to meet you, this job is a very deep experience for me, even though I read a lot about psychology, but this is very specific what I got.


I liked the interactivity and the fact that the workshop was not only theoretically but also practically focused. By being able to follow the process of two women, everyone could go through their own process for themselves, and that was really very rewarding. From my point of view, much more than when working only on […]