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Dr Leela Monti

My name is Dr Leela Monti, I am a registered medical practitioner in the UK and I work as a Specialty Doctor in Forensic Psychiatry within Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT). I am also a graduate of the 3rd year of Mr Tagar’s professional training of Psychophonetics, an Anthroposophical Psychosomatic Psychotherapy training program in Stroud, UK between 2010 and 2013.

Mr Tagar is an Australian, South African and British psychotherapist and an international trainer of psychotherapist, and since 2010 he has worked in the UK. He is the founder of the advanced and innovative powerful modality of Psychophonetics, a practical approach to empower people in different sectors and in various conditions of mental health issues – to become their own helpers and independent in their self care and recovery, through a remarkably short period of therapeutic intervention.

I would like to commend Mr Tagar as a human being, a psychotherapist and as a trainer of psychotherapists and to recommend to anyone in a position to apply and utilise his exceptional skills in the field of mental health in Britain today, on the following grounds:

Firstly, studying Psychophonetics has been a tremendous support for my own development as a human being, as a medical practitioner and as a psychiatrist. It enabled me to maintain a high level of personal sustainability, self-care and burn-out prevention in a very high-pressured work environment, while caring for people with very challenging mental health issues in the complex and demanding field of forensic psychiatry in the UK.

Secondly, Psychophonetics provides training in ‘Methodical Empathy’ – the process of methodical cultivation of the empathic capacity of mental health practitioners (and of other health professionals), which sharpens their perceptive capacity of patients’ experiences and reality from their own point of view. I find Mr Tagar’s teaching of the highest value in my work as a psychiatrist, and I would recommend his training to all mental health practitioners in the UK. Mr Tagar is, to my knowledge, the only teacher of Methodical Empathy in Britain today.

Thirdly, the powerful, self-empowering and highly ethical intervention tools of Psychophonetics, in the hands of trained practitioners, can be of tremendous help for the strengthening, the recovery and the capacity of further self care of people with mental health challenges, on the basis of a very short period of professional intervention. Mr Tagar is the only fully qualified trainer of Psychophonetics Psychotherapists in Britain today.

Lastly – and most important for the future of mental health in this country – Mr Tagar is a regular contributor to the post graduate training of the Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT), lecturing on psychotherapy and self-care topics to our mental health care team here: Methodical Empathy, self care for the caring professionals, burn out prevention for practitioners and on Psychophonetics approach to the recovery from the trauma of past sexual abuse. His contribution is highly appreciated by our team of psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners here.

On the basis of Mr Tagar’s good work in post graduate education of mental health professionals in this country, alongside the other contributions listed above, he is uniquely capable of sustainable contributions to the mental health care services in this country.