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Dr Paulo Moraes MD, FRACGP

I am writing this reference regarding Mr. Yehuda Tagar, professional counselor, psychotherapist and professional member of the Society of Counseling and Psychotherapy Educators of Australia (SCAPE).

I am a Medical Doctor registered in Australia as a General Medical Practitioner since 1989 and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. I have been the principal medical practitioner at the Melbourne Therapy Centre; a medical and therapeutic clinic based on Anthroposophy, since 1993.

I am currently a board member of the Australian Anthroposophical Medicine Association (AAMA) and have been a member of this Association since it’s foundation in 1995.

Yehuda Tagar has been practicing counseling-psychotherapy using Philophonetics Counseling since 1991. Until recently, with the establishment of Philophonetics Counseling training in South Africa, he was part of the multidisciplinary therapeutic team at the Melbourne Therapy Centre.

I have had a close working relationship with Yehuda Tagar during the last 9 years. During this time we have had mutual patients that required medical and psychotherapeutic management for a range of psychological and psychosomatic conditions. I really believe that Psychophonetics is a safe and beneficial modality of psychotherapy.

In my opinion Psychophonetics has a philosophical basis on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy.

I personally believe Yehuda Tagar works out of high professional standards and professional integrity. He is professionally qualified to assist patients in psychological distress arising from traumatic life events.

I have no hesitation in referring/recommending patients for Philophonetics.