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Graham Kennish

I have been an upper (High) school Science teacher, for 45 years and am currently peripatetic, taking Main Lessons blocks in Chemistry and Biology at 6 UK schools as well as mentoring colleagues. For 10 years I held a training Course for science teachers.

I have been trained in Psychophonetics and when I visit schools and training courses, I offer individual sessions and have presented it, with the anthroposophy which lies behind it, to Teachers’ Meetings. I have given over 75 sessions over 4 years now, with over 40 colleagues, students and parents in seven UK schools and received very positive reflections with some immediate and significant changes in teachers’ relationship to their classes, to individual children, to their colleagues and to the parents.

Teachers can use Psychophonetics to better handle difficult situations, whether with a class, with particular children, parents or colleagues, as well as to strengthen their meditative practice. I have seen it to be a real turning point in a teacher’s development as well as an ongoing method of self-support.

A single session stands alone and takes just over an hour, from which the teacher emerges with a practical ‘tool’ that they will have created themselves. A single session will bring a practical outcome for use as daily practice.

Psychophonetics is not only firmly grounded in Anthroposophy, it allows teachers to use, on themselves, the very faculties they are preparing themselves to use every day for the children and in their teaching.

I hope very much that Psychophonetics will become more widely known and used in our schools and I can entirely recommend it.