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Like always, I am leaving things for the last second to get done, but as we say: better late than never. From the last meeting passed 2 weeks and it feels like a year went by. First intensive was for me an amazing experience and huge shock at the same time. I found out, in the last 2 years I changend from an extrovert to introvert. I felt awkward, sometime I disliked being in a company of that many people, getting to know them and feeling relaxed infront of them. Meanwhile I slowly to started to enjoy it even though I didn’t really get much out of myself ( even the nothing was enough for me). It was amazing to see that many people of different professions, ages and genders in one group, meeting together to solve what bothers them, and creates barriers in different stages of their lives. I was touched by many other people’s life stories. Many times I felt like crying as a small child. It was beautiful to see our classmates opening up, to observe their diversity and uniqueness. I took a lot of things to work on, most of all about being able to confide in others with my life. Every day I remind myself what I can be thankful for. I can’t wait for next intensives and results in our development, support and seeing others become happier, more confident and empathetic. Maybe it would be better for me to write down the feelings from each day so that I could somehow break down, memorize them and remind myself of it, because I had completely different feelings after each day. I just realized I would not make a career as a reporter 😊 (but I could do stand-up comedy 😊)

I’m looking forward to the next days. Seminars. How Yehuda will talk with magical energy and charisma, give perfect comparisons, and I will only listen quietly with bated breath and reflect on the depth of his thoughts. To Silvia, who puts her whole self and unreal love into her lecture, and to Mirka, who brings infinite peace and tranquility to me 😊

Thank you for everything and I wish you the most beautiful days until the next intensive.