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J.W. Bester

MR. YAHUDA TAGAR has been known to me for several years. The depth of Mr. Tagar’s wisdom and his Anthroposophical knowledge is astounding. He introduced his philosophy of philophonetics with great success to several of our staff members. He was also of invaluable assistance in the revisioning and goal setting of Michael Mount Waldorf School and work around the integrity of the College of Teachers. Concepts which Mr. Tagar helped bring to fruition some five years ago, are still in place and working well in our School and Market.

Mr. Tagar helped facilitate in various conflict resolution situations at Michael Mount. We will be forever in his debt in this regard and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mr. Tagar would be an enormous asset to any organization that seeks to use his professional services; particularly I would recommend him to work in the Waldorf Schooling environment.

Should any further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.