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Kateřina Gucfová

Thanks to Yehuda’s excellent ability to connect empathetically with the client, I was able to collect practical instructions from the first meeting, which helped me a lot in my difficult situation to get over the unusual symptoms arising primarily from the side effects of both the chemotherapy itself and, at the same time, the drugs administered as support contraindications to chemotherapy, but which themselves also had an incredible number of side effects. In the next phase of therapy, Yehuda and I focused on the causes of my specific tumor and again, thanks to the exceptional ability of empathy, together we managed to get to the essence = causation, and I was once again given excellent and unique tools to deal with my old established mechanisms so that I the tumor did not recur. I find this a huge help, even though it looks like a simple tutorial, it took me more than half my life to work on and now I’m having a lot of fun because it’s safe for everyone involved. I put my trust in working with Yehuda and she brought me unexpected beautiful gifts in the form of several different tools for practical and simple use in life and they obviously work and help.