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Ľubomír Starek

Tagar led two trainings in EEA:

1. Humanizing the workplace

During year 2013 Yehuda Attendance of cca 12 directors, managers and leaders of our company (IT development company based in Slovakia).

The workshop was a two day event requested by our company top management. The goal was to open discussions on topics such as personal development, leadership and humanizing the workplace.

Through the workshop we achieved much more. People opened up and freely discussed deep topics such as company leadership, direction and potential. Some in the attendance talked about these issues for the first time and brought new ideas and points to the table. All were naturally willing to look at the company from a new point of view and reassess their own place within the group. Each of us saw the potential of the company through its workers. The directors left the workshop with renewed drive to guide the company and also more than willing to help others to realize their leadership potential. Immediately after the workshop an action group was formed that would drive the changes and make sure worker requests for company development are analyzed and implemented. The idea of humanizing the workplace and making a better company was introduced to all employees soon after.

The decision to hold this workshop proved to be absolutely correct and we all took it as a great success and a restart for our company. We are already planning to have a continuation of this in the coming months.

2. Decision making

The second workshop we’ve held was a one day session about decision making process. We have decided to target our company’s middle management group in order to help us understand the key factors that go into making the correct decisions, analyzing the problems and solving them to achieve win-win solutions. The workshop helped us to achieve this goal and also showed us different techniques to use when agreeing on solutions.

Based on real human and economical profit is our aim to continue with Mr.Tagar also in future.