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Prof. PhDr. Hana Lukášová, CSc

Based on Mr Yehuda Taggar’s request, I would like to comment on the recommendation of his lectures for your institution.

I recommend incorporating exercises in conscious empathy into the training of teaching staff and experts in a number of social areas that monitor the development of a person’s inner self on their way to humanity.

I participated in several seminars offered by the author in the Czech Republic. In an original way, the author combines his deep knowledge of the ideas of the philosophy of freedom with the practical application of dramatization methods for self-knowledge and self-understanding of the personality of seminar participants. Participants always take away stimuli for their individual self-development and experience with practical tools of self-knowledge with which they can work in the field of empathy themselves in the future.

Curriculum Prof. PhDr. Hana Lukášová, CSc