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How to find your vocation 2/2

The wisdom that will lead me to an unknown future

Many career guidance approaches make a kind of conceptual link between 1. our current abilities and aspirations, 2. the available education and 3. the current labor market. They attempt to find a match between the world as we know it today and how the person appears today.

The problem with this approach is that the decision one makes today in choosing a career will affect the future for at least the next few years, about which one knows nothing. He does not know where he will be in a few years’ time, he does not know what the world and the labor market will be like.

Our present wisdom is not wise enough to lead us into an unknown future.

We need to go deeper to make our present wisdom relevant to our future life.

In psychophonetics, we have created a process for career counseling that allows one to go deeper than the level of current intellectual reasoning and external assessment of today’s job market.

This process mobilizes a deeper and higher inner knowing in the human soul and spirit that has a chance of being truly applicable to man’s future reality. We explore the roots of vocation.

Healthy trees need healthy roots

I’m a farmer’s son. My father and I grew oranges. I know very well that if one wants to have a lot of good oranges in early winter, one has to take exemplary care of the roots of the trees and the soil in which they grow all year round – especially in the summer, when it is dry.

My father taught me, “My son, we do not grow fruit. We grow trees. When the trees are strong and healthy, they give us fruit. To be healthy, trees need healthy roots that grow in rich soil with plenty of nutrition and water.” We use the same principle in deep counseling for vocational choice.

If you want the fruits of a fulfilling, rewarding and rewarding profession and work that allows you to express your deep potential, take good care of your growing roots of personal, social and spiritual development.

3 questions for choosing a life mission

In psychophonetics, we have developed a process to grow the “vocational roots” of a person.

The psychophonetic counsellor must first identify that the client is coming up with the topic of vocation. This is not always obvious right at the beginning of the session. People come asking for help on a variety of issues: relationships, emotional issues, reactions, projections, parenting, trauma, abuse, childhood or psychosomatic issues.

However, very often underneath the conscious theme is a deeper, real reason why they feel unhappy.

This is only revealed through the process of methodological empathy: “I have not yet found my work, my professional direction, my role in life”. Nothing can be right if this is not fulfilled. If the counsellor does not reveal that the client’s real issue is career choice, there can be no shift in the things the client originally talked about.

Once the frustrated energy related to the occupation is revealed, the huge wave of willpower that has been suppressed along with the subject will also surface. Counseling in vocational choice is, in fact, primarily a matter of will.

We will then offer the client 3 questions:

  • What is your favourite thing to do?
  • What do you know you have to do?
  • What in the world is calling you to ministry?

We will only find our mission through conscious effort

The answers to these questions begin to awaken and enliven the will of man.

The psychophonetic counsellor asks each of these questions of the client and identifies the one that resonates most with the client’s will. For it is there that the particular block is found that prevents this root from growing. By identifying and removing the block through psychophonetic counseling, the path to fulfilling the client’s life mission is opened.

Healthy, living roots will enable a healthy, living tree to bear good fruit. So it is with trees, and so it is with the human mission. Trees know their mission before a seed grows into a green shoot. But humans must find their mission through conscious effort.

In order to acquire the skills that will help people create a practical process to revive these 3 roots of mission, it is essential to undergo psychophonetic training. However, the awareness of the 3 potential questions related to vocational choice and the power that can be created through answering them is there for anyone seeking their true mission.

The first part of the article: How to find your vocation 1/2

Text: Yehuda K. Tagar
Modifications: Martin Uhlíř

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