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Team of School of Empathy

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Yehuda Tagar

Specializes in psychophonetic counseling, methodical empathy, working with sounds of speech, drama and humanization of workplace. Therapist and teacher originally from Israel.

Mira Tagar

Specializes in Psychophonetics, child development, Chirophonetics and special pedagogy.


Jana Múdra

Teacher (all Košice groups)
Specializes in psychophonetics, relationship topics, parenting topics and personality development.


Blanka Lichtnerová

Co-teacher (group J)
Specializes in Psychophonetics, child development in preschool and adolescence.

Zuzana Kyselicová

Co-teacher (group KCaH, J)
Specializes in Psychophonetics in artistic expression.

Silvia Galatová

Co-teacher (group I)
Specializes in Psychophonetics, motherhood topics, mother-daughter relationships and personal threshold rituals.

Zuzana Morovská

Assistant teacher (group KE)

Gabriela Tribulová

Assistant teacher (group KE)

Annamária Marcinová

Assistant teacher (group J)

Zuzana Jurigová Kapráliková

Assistant teacher (group I)

Veronika Longová

Assistant teacher (group KD)
social media support

Adrián Kupec

Technical support

Michal Jelč

Design support