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About school

What do we offer

The School of Empathy is the only school in Slovakia affiliated to the Psychophonetics Institute International (PII) – an international educational organization responsible for the development of the professional side of Psychophonetics, the education and qualification of psychophonetics coaches, counsellors, supervisors and consultants and its accreditation.


In addition to the study itself, the school of empathy also organizes:

Studies at the school of empathy

take place in Slovakia in Bernolákovo (near Bratislava) and Košice (or via Zoom) in Slovak and English language:
  • Professional diploma courses
  • Short courses in personal development
  • Short courses in professional development
Professional diploma courses
Škola empatie organizes all levels of professional training in the field of Psychophonetics:
Professional Training in Psychophonetics
a 3-year course

leading to

Year 1:
CERTIFICATE OF FOUNDATION YEAR IN PSYCHOPHONETICS – Methodical Empathy, Counselling & Self-Leadership

Year 2:
DIPLOMA IN HOLISTIC COUNSELLING – Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy, Counselling & Leadership Skills

Year 3:
Advanced Diploma in Psychophonetics: CONSULTANT FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Methodical Empathy, Counselling, Personal & Organisational Transformation and Health

Foundation year in Psychophonetics
a 1 year course

leading to

CERTIFICATE OF FOUNDATION YEAR IN PSYCHOPHONETICS – Methodical Empathy, Counselling & Self-Leadership

How are we organized

Psychophonetics Institute International (PII)

is an educational organization responsible for the profession of Psychophonetics, the qualification of Psychophonetics coaches, counsellors, supervisors and consultants and its accreditation. It is a civic association registered in Slovakia. It operates through country colleges, currently mainly through Skola Empaties in Slovakia.

  • It allows and facilitates the opening of professional courses in Psychophonetics.
  • It oversees compliance with the standards of the profession, curricula, training, ethical standards and their development.
  • It issues a certificates, diplomas and post graduate diplomas for qualification of students, coaches, counselors, consultants and trainers.
  •  It owns and manages the intellectual property rights of Psychophonetics and its transformation on behalf of its author (Y.T.).

Psychophonetics Institute International, through local schools, offers a wide range of diploma courses, short professional development courses, public educational activities and counselling services. It operates in Slovakia mainly through the School of Empathy, which is covered by the civic association Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe (PACE).

It offers short courses and consultancy in South Africa, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania and UK. Authorized centers of Psychophonetics professional training in other countries are being planned now.

The director of PII is Yehuda LK Tagar, the founder of Psychophonetics and the executive director is Miroslava Tagar.

Psychophonetics Foundation

Is the commercial branch of Psychophonetics business operations locally and internationally. It is the owner of the intellectual property of Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy, Humanizing the Workplace and the curriculum and the rights to conduct Psychophonetics professional training – on behalf of their creator and author. It is the owner and the organizational basis for the 7 Conditions Consultancy (7CC).

The Foundation is the company that provides the commercial and financial management of Psychophonetics training and consultancy, supporting the work of Psychophonetics Institute International through its colleges in Slovakia and in other countries.

We have become VAT payers since July 2023.


Psychophonetics Institute International was registered in Slovakia in 2013.

Since 2015 Slovakia is the international center of Psychophonetics and its main place of teaching, after 25 years of operating, teaching, practicing and consulting in Australia, South Africa, UK, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Previous governing bodies of Psychophonetics: 

  • Persephone College UK (2007)
  • Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics in South Africa (2002)
  • Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics in Australia (2003)
  • Persephone College of Philophonetics in Australia (1991)
  • Prior to this, Yehuda Tagar led the development, presentation and teaching of Psychosophy, Applied Psychosophy and Psychophonetics as a private worker mainly in Australia since 1985


Therefore, although Psychophonetics Institute International is registered in 2013, for the last 30 years represents the continuous life and development of Psychophonetics (formerly called “Philophonetics” and “Philophonetics – counseling”).


June 2024

Second year

start of current second year

May 2024

Third year

start of current third year

May 2024

Košice Group F (KF)

start of current Foundation year in Košice

March 2024

Group L

start of current Foundational year in Bernolákovo

November 2023

5th International conference of Psychophonetics

5th International conference  for alumni

May 2023

Košice Group E (KE)

5th group of the Foundation year in Košice.

March 2023

Group J

10th group of the Foundation year in western Slovakia.

June 2022

Košice Group D (KD)

February 2022

Group I

May 2021

Košice Group C (KC)

April 2021

Group H

July 2020

Group G

January 2020

Košice Group B (KB)

October 2019

1st International conference of Psychophonetics

1st International Alumni Conference.

January 2019

Group F

October 2018

1st Košice Group A (KA)

Expansion to the east- we are opening the 1st group in Košice (KA).

November 2017

Group E

5th group of the Foundation year in western Slovakia

November 2016

Group D

October 2015

Group C

For the first time in Bernolákovo. 3rd group is an international group of people from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

April 2015

Change of registered office

We are moving the headquarters and most of the educational activities to Bernolákovo.

March 2014

Group B

February 2013

Group A

1st group of the Foundation year and orientation courses in Slovakia

December 2012

A seminar in Prague

and a  decision to develop activities also in Slovakia.

June 2012

Arrival in Slovakia

1st orientation seminar in Bratislava.