based on Rudolf Steiner's Psychosophy

for personal, relationship
and professional development

Personal development

For everyone who wants to develop personally, spiritually and improve their relationships, their professional, management, sustainability and leadership skills in any field of life and work.

of organizations

For managers and organizations – leadership, sustainability, communication and team building skills, transforming work into community and an opportunity for personal development.

Education and training

For teachers, educators and parents – practical educational empathic skills for children, partnes and colleagues.

Physical and mental health

For therapists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, body workers – deep empathic skills, person-centered therapy and involving patient in the process of healing.


For seekers of deeper meaning, spiritual philosophy, anthroposophy, evolution of consciousness, personal and cultural transformation, self-created wisdom, psychosophy.


How to find your vocation 2/2

Nobody knows exactly where we will be in a few years, we don’t know what the world and the job market will look like. Our current wisdom is not wise

How to find your vocation 1/2

The desire to find meaning in life and a mission is a fundamental part of the human constitution. We must find our life’s goals, its meaning and our mission and

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