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Physical and mental health

Physical and mental health

For therapists

The task of 21st Century therapy is not the correction of pathology back to normalcy, but the transformation of all life challenges into opportunities for human development

Psychophonetics is a modality of holistic coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and psycho-somatic therapy created by Yehuda Tagar in the 80’s and 90’s as an original form of ‘Expression-Based’ self-healing. Its sources include the holistic anthroposophical understanding of the human being as constant interaction of body, soul and spirit, of illness and crisis as an opportunities for personal development and of the ‘Internal Healer’ wisdom inside the human constitution; a developments of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosopy; Phenomenology, Person Centred Therapy, Arts/expression therapy and Integrative medicine: psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology (PNEI). Psychophonetics enables people to become active participants in the process of their own healing on the psychological, physiological, psycho-somatic and relationship levels. 

In its healing process Psychophonetics mobilizes the deep resources of Body-Awareness, Movement & Gesture, Spontaneous Visualization and the healing power of the sounds of human speech.

It develops the ‘Empathic Intelligence’ which is potential in everyone today by activating deep perception of human experience both in the therapist and in the client. It Puts the client’s self-awareness at the center of the therapeutic/developmental process, preventing ‘therapeutic dependency’ by facilitating the continuation of the therapy at home. It enables a connection between the intelligence based on the central nervous system – and the normally unconscious intelligence of the autonomic nervous system to which all body memory and defense mechanisms are accessible. 

Clinical applications of Psychophonetics cover the whole range of psychotherapeutic and psycho-somatic topics, including: Addictions – all types/ Pain Management/ Emotional & Physical/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ burnout/ Auto Immune Syndromes: mainly multiple sclerosis/ Migraine/ Other Head aches/ Skin issues: Eczema, Acne, Hay Fever/ High Blood pressure/Irritable Bowels Syndrome/ Ulcer/ Herpes/ Posture re-alignment/ Repetitive Strain Injury/ panic attack/ Cancer Counselling & Enhancing the body’s ability to overcome Cancer/ Palliative Care/ Deepening Breathing/ Grounding & incarnation/ Lifting kidneys/ asthma/ heart ache.


and its consultations and trainings for organizations – “7 conditions for medical facilities” trains medical professionals how to practice this demanding profession sustainably and how to grow in it. At the same time, it provides a number of practical instructions and skills on how to lead a client with a psychosomatic illness to participate in their own healing.