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Individual consultations with Yehuda Tagar

Individual or couple therapy sessions

with Yehuda Tagar
the founder of Psychophonetics

How the session can help the client?

With whatever the client considers problematic in the life, what he/she wants to solve and is willing to take responsibility for, and it concerns himself/herself.

For example:

fear, anxiety, anger, insecurity, inability to act, procrastination, unwanted and repeated reactive behavior, projections, addictions, consequences of abuse, self-reliance, pain management (physical or mental). 

But also the necessary changes such as important life decisions, relationships (family, partner, work), personal growth and development.

Who is Yehuda Tagar?

He’s an Israeli-Australian therapist – more info.

He worked for 20 years in clinics in Australia and South Africa, where he developed the method of Psychophonetics, the main part of which is Methodical Empathy

He spent the next few years in Europe helping people to take responsibility for their lives into their own hands. 

He helps them become their own healer, teacher and captain of their lives without becoming dependent on him as a therapist.

Administrative info - booking

Interpretation is provided if necessary.

Duration and price

  • session duration 60 – 90 minutes
  • 150 € individuals
  • 200 € couple
  •   20 € interpretation (if necessary)
  • students of School of Empathy have a discount


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: