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For medical institutions

Participative & integrative medicine

Self Care and Empathy Skills for health professionals.

Medical professionals and healers are expected to be role models of their arts and to be capable of empathy to a high degree. They are also being progressively expected to regard human beings as autonomous individual beings comprising of body, soul and spirit. To be able to live up to these expectations there need to be in an on-going dialogue with the intrinsic wisdom of human life forces. Awakening to these create a higher capacity of self care and of ever-growing empathy at the same time.

In every living organism there lives an internal physician, maintainer and restorer of health. In order to take responsibility for one’s own wellness in the relentless pressures of modern life – this internal physician needs understanding and collaboration for optimal functioning. It does not speak words and it does not respond to reflective intellect. It responds to the rich intelligence of the non-verbal communication skills that comprise Psychophonetics, at the heart of Methodical Empathy: Body Awareness, spontaneous Gesture and Movement, spontaneous Visualisation and the Sounds of human speech.