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"If you can educate yourself – you can educate others"

Education essentially means the process of drawing out into actuality a potential that lives inside people. Empathy is essential for education as the specific perception of the individuals experience of the student and their potential is required for creating and implementing effective educational process. Teaching is a highly stressful occupation with high levels of exposure and expectations.  Methodical Empathy combines self empathy with empathy for others, enabling a deeper wisdom, creativity and relevance to evolve sustainably, alongside the skills for self care.

Methodical Empathy/ Psychophonetics offers a range of professional training for teachers, trainers, educators, coaches, teacher training trainers and public educators. They are being offered in-house organisational training in the workplace or or short trainings on specific topics.

Some of possible topic

  • Self Care for the teacher
  • Stress Management Burnout Prevention
  • Self Management of reactions and defences 
  • Communication Skills with parents and colleagues
  • Methodical Empathy with children/ students
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills
  • Collective Decision Making
  • Protecting Home from Work

What educates is who one is, more than what one knows and says. To be an effective educator one has to be engaged in an on-going process of self education and personal development.

Organizational info

Translation is provided if needed.

Our offer

Service Duration Price
Introduction for the team / school management 3 hours 300 € + VAT
Individual training / coaching for teachers 1.5 hours (min. number of sessions 3) 3 x 100 € + VAT
Partial training - 1 condition 1 day (6 hours including breaks) 600 € + VAT
Full training -7 conditions 7 days 2000 € + VAT

We can adjust the prices to the conditions of your organization by mutual agreement.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will confirm the date of the session by return e-mail: