Professional training in psychophonetics




90 days


3150 € VAT not included / year

Professional Training in Psychophonetics

3-year course leads to obtaining Postgraduate diploma in Psychophonetics
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Consultant for personal and professional development


This three-year professional training prepares people to work independently as an independent professional counselors and personal and professional development consultants in private practice, in collaboration with clinics and other professions in accordance with the Code of Ethics. Progress:
  1. Foundation year in Psychophonetics – Certificate of attendance in Foundation Year of Psychophonetics – for personal and relationship development
  2. year – Diploma in Holistic Counselling for personal and professional development
  3. year – Postgraduate diploma in Psychophonetics – Consultant for personal and professional development

How it works

  • This course provides 3 years of training in psychophonetic counseling and consultations for personal and professional development.
  • Every year consists of 6 intensive seminars of 4-5 days each approximately 2-3 months apart:
    • 1. year 25 days altogether
    • 2. year 30 days altogether
    • 3. year 35 days altogether
  • Each teaching day consists of 4 blocks, where the explanations of methodology and mental phenomena, theoretical topics, practical demonstrations, exercises, personal and supervisory questions (according to the content of a specific seminar) alternate.
  • 1 x during the seminar is an evening lecture
  • Closed group, max. 25 students per group.
  • We also organize the first seminar of the Foundation Year in order to provide an opportunity to orientate ourselves in the form, course and conditions of study. After the first meeting, you can decide to continue your studies.
  • The course takes place in Slovak and English in parallel with the translation.
  • The seminars will take place preferably in person or online via videoconferencing (via Zoom), if the situation does not allow us to meet physically.
  • 4 individual sessions with a psychophonetic counselor, which are mandatory within the year as a personal experience with the methodology and which can be completed with any counselor.

Date and location

Seminars of the Foundation year are organized locally in two places: in Košice and in Bernolákovo (near Bratislava). Two local groups are combined into one group from the 2nd grade, and the place where face-to-face classes take place regularly alternates.

Second year

Seminar KC and H Date Location
2.1 November 2022 16. – 20. 11. 2022 Košice
2.2 February 2023 1. - 5. 2. 2023 Bernolákovo
2.3 March 2023 29. 3. - 2. 4. 2023 Košice
2.4 June 2023 21. - 25. 6. 2023 Bernolákovo
2.5 October 2023 18. - 22. 10. 2023 Košice
2.6 January 2024 17. - 21. 1. 2024 Bernolákovo
2.7 Conclusion of the year Soon to be known Soon to be known

Main lecturer / trainer

Yehuda Tagar

An Israeli, Australian, South African and British counsellor, psychotherapist, international consultant, trainer and lecturer, currently based in Bernolákovo (near Bratislava), Slovakia.

Price and Payment terms

The study fee for the course is € 3150 per year.

The price of the first seminar is € 450 payable as a deposit in advance.

You can get a € 50 discount if you pay more than 2 months in advance (Early Birds).

You can pay the rest of the price after the first seminar in the amount of € 2700 in one of 2 ways:

  1. at once with a 10% discount, i.e. only € 2430 (you save € 270)
  2. in 3 instalments of € 900 each

VAT not included

Cancellation conditions

  1. If you cancel your participation less than 30 days before the start of the 1st seminar, you are obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the first seminar without a discount.
  2. If you cancel your participation more than 30 days before the start of the training or if the course cannot take place for organisational reasons, we will refund the entire fee if you already paid one.
  3. We do not provide financial compensation for the non-participation in classes. The seminars are recorded, and the recordings are temporarily available to a closed group of students of the given year.
  4. In case of premature termination of the course due to reasons on the part of the interested party, the right to refund or reduction of the study fee cannot be claimed.

The interested party is obliged to notify the withdrawal from the course in writing via e-mail to

By signing up for training in writing, the interested party also expresses his agreement with the cancellation. conditions.

Target group

  • Professionals in the field of psychology, therapeutic practice, coaching and social work
  • Teachers, parents and professionals in the field of education and upbringing of children and youth
  • Leaders, managers, professionals in the field of human resources and organizational psychology
  • Experts in the field of medicine, psychiatrists and experts in the field of

What you get

Tools for:

  1. Personal and relationship development
  2. Deepened into Holistic counseling and consultation in 2nd and 3rd year
  3. Use of the entire method of Psychophonetics – its conversational and action part
  4. Conscious work on the development of higher senses – imagination, inspiration, intuition – work with the chakras of empathy for yourself and for work with the client
  5. Overcoming internal thresholds
  6. Conscious work with the “Beasts” of fear, self-hatred and doubt
  7. Work with sounds
  8. Bridging method – from addiction to real needs
  9. Healing trauma and overcoming abuse
  10. Healing past decissions
  11. Working with group
  12. Couple counseling

The qualification allows:

  • Registration and membership counselor and consultant in the IAPP (International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners)
  • License for professional practice as a psychophonetics counselor and consultant.


  1. Practical level 1, 2 and 3
  2. Psychophonetic action sequences levels 2 and 3
  3. Special topics and psychophonetic approaches in counseling level 2 and 3
  4. Advanced level of working with sounds
  5. Development of higher perception – basics of empathy
  6. Theoretical bases of Psychophonetics and Psychosophy
  7. Methodology of awareness of experience
  8. Human development and
  9. biography
  10. Theory Psychology and Psychotherapy
  11. Introduction to Medicine – Anatomy and Physiology
  12. Personal and Professional Path of Development

A detailed agenda will be emailed to registered participants one week prior to the seminar.

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