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Personal development

Personal development

For seekers of personal, spiritual and relationship development.

Inside of us live the forces that created us. We can re-create ourselves from within.

A higher human potential exists in the depth of every human soul at any given point in time. People are always ‘pregnant’ with the embryo of the next level of their development. But this potential cannot become a reality just by the passage of time. It take conscious process. 

Psychophonetics is a methodical process of ‘midwifery’ for human potential. It engages the deep intelligence of Methodical Empathy and of the expressive, non-verbal communication channels of body awareness, movement, gesture, visualization and the sounds of human speech – in a process guided by the genius of one’s deep intuition. It provide a living mirror that enables people to see themselves on all levels, thus becoming aware of their existing limiting patterns in need of change, their wounds in need of healing and the deep potential personal and spiritual resources to be mobilised. It enables people to become their own teachers, healers and leaders. 

Psychophonetics is a ‘Psycho-Development of Freedom’.

it is mainly about the change in the leading of one’s own life. Through the tools of methodological empathy, which combine skills for healthy boundaries, personal resilience and conscious work with one’s own energy, communication and relationship skills, leadership skills and basic counseling skills, one becomes able to take effective care of oneself and self-medication. At the same time, he becomes a skilled “friend on the threshold” – a guide, a coach for others.

Psychophonetics is a client-oriented method. It supports and strengthens the client’s internal authority so that he can activate his own deeper sources of health, resilience, wisdom, creativity, spirituality and finding meaning in life.


it helps the client to become his own healer, teacher and captain of his life, without becoming addicted to the therapist.