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Development of organizations

Development of organizations

For managers, organisations and business leaders – people management skills.

Organisations and businesses - are people.

Psychophonetics is a method of transforming work into an opportunity for the personal and social development of workers and for community-building. At work people spend most of their lives, the best of their days and years. What they have to produce brings them together, but while they are together – they form a community, colleagueship, friendships, life journeys. At work on all levels we spend our lives. Will work give us the opportunity to develop as human beings and as a community? 

To manage work, in organisation or in business – one has to manage people, their development and their relationships, not only the service that they produce. People are not resources, people have potential resources. To mobilise a worker’s deep resources for work – he/she has to be engaged as a whole human being. Work has to become for them an opportunity for expressing and developing themselves on all levels, not only in terms of finance and career. For the deepest drive in human beings, consciously or not, is to evolve as a human being during one’s life.

Psychophonetics offers a range of skills which are essential for the holistic management of people and their resources. Psychophonetics-based ‘7 Conditions Consultancy’ trains managers and teams in 7 distinct competencies which, when consciously striven for, can transform work into an opportunity for personal and social development on all levels. That engages the deeper potential in people for the sake of work itself. These competencies are: 1) intuitive self-care for the well being of the individual and the collective; 2) Methodical Empathy & Communication Skills inside the team, which become a life skill that they can take home with them; 3) Self-Management, including Stress-Management and control of burnout; 4) respect for one’s own reality and for the reality of others, creating the capacity for conflict resolution, mediation, conscious boundaries and conscious relationships; 5) responsible, accountable and clear decision making process and the ability to act on decisions, individually and collectively; 6) developing gratitude and appreciation of people as a collective culture for the clearing, nurturing and sustainability of the collective atmosphere; 7) consistency of character, values, standards, contracts, policies, fairness – which creates consistent brand, of trust and of commitment of individuals to the collective. 

These standards form the foundation of Psychophonetics processes in all its applications: 1 on 1 coaching for individual managers and workers; team work upgrade in the workplace; professional holistic coaching training for managers.