Ecology of Soul – Ecology of Relationship

Seminar online and in-person with Yehuda Tagar




About methodical empathy for couples

It is obvious to a growing number of people everywhere that what was once considered ‘normal’ relationship does no longer exists, and what does exists – does not feel normal, namely: how it should be in people’s ideals. Unhealthy repetitive patterns can destroy the most beautiful love stories, and only self-awareness can change them.

Every human relationship is a unique eco-system combining the complexity of body, soul, spirit, sexuality, spirituality, individuality versus community, clashes of unconscious sub-personalities and of values, egos, power struggles, unhealthy parental dynamics, projected un-healed wounds, light and darkness, love and hate, tenderness and aggression, both real and projective, and, underlying it all – the challenge of real communication. 

Psychophonetics and its Methodical Empathy process enables higher and deeper self-awareness of individuals in relationship, sharpening the awareness of one’s own internal eco-system and giving a better chance to understand and to upgrade the combined eco-system of the relationship – into a powerful opportunity for personal and social development.


Seminár consists of:

  • a lecture
  • a discussion
  • a practical demonstration of Psychophonetics work


Yehuda Tagar, Director of Psychophonetics Institute International and Co-Director of the School of Empathy – is an international coach, consultant, therapist and trainer, founder of Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy.


It is a closed group for practical experience of working with this topic.

Subsequently, after a break, a practical demonstration of working with Psychophonetics on a given topic via zoom. We will send the link to the registered participants.


  • public 15 €
  • students of Skola empatie free

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Fri, 16. September 2022


18:00 - 21:00


15 €


Office Kosice
Tolsteho 3, Kosice, Slovak republic


The School of Empathy, Košice
+421 948 216 772