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Intimacy and Sexuality – how to come closer to each other in a personal relationship

The seminar is a part of the Second Year in Psychophonetics but is open for public as well.

Online ZOOM

We all know what sex is. But sexuality? This is less clear, even confusing for some.
Intimacy is not an unknown word, but it is a challenge nowadays to cultivate it, to develop it and to be close to a partner, because we are two completely different people. Still we want to have intimate sexual relationships. If we do not take these concepts into account, it is possible that we are drifting apart from each other.

Challenges and problems in an intimate sexual relationship are opportunities for personal and spiritual development. We may feel that how we feel in a relationship depends a lot on how our partner behaves. And at the same time, we find out over time how much experiences in our sexual life affect us. How a certain feeling of rejection or disappointment goes hand in hand with a loss of self-confidence, even self-worth.

Psychophonetics enables the process of self-empathy and intimacy, which can lead to greater empathy and intimacy to other people. It can help transform blocks in intimacy to deep wisdom and ability to create relationships.


The seminar consists of:

  • theoretical introduction
  • discussiom
  • practical demonstration of Psychophonetics


  • what are Psychophonetics processes in this area of personal development
  • space for questions
  • practical demonstration of psychophonetic tools of self-healing/if there is a volunteer from public


Teacher, coach, counsellor, consultant, founder of Psychophonetics and School of Empathy in Slovakia with 30 years of experience

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You will receive an email with a Zoom link one day before the event.

The seminar is in English with a traslation into Slovak.


  • public free – as a taster of studying Psychophonetics in School of Empathy
  • students of School of Empathy free entry

Looking forward to meeting you!


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Fri, 23. June 2023


18:00 - 21:00



Zoom Webinar




The School of Empathy
+421 910 926 450


  • Yehuda Tagar
    Yehuda Tagar

    Riaditeľ Psychophonetics Institute International a spoluriaditeľ Školy Empatie, medzinárodný kouč, konzultant, terapeut a tréner, zakladateľ Psychofonetiky a Metodickej empatie.