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Dear friends of the School of empathy!

On our pages and events, you certainly regularly come across topics that relate to important questions from the field of everyday life. And very often, these topics are dominated by the question of RELATIONSHIPS. From partner and family relationships, through the relationship to your work or mission, the relationship with your environment, to the most important relationship of all – with yourself.
We are very pleased to see that such an important topic will have its conference!

5 days full of inspiration, answers, experiences and practical advice on how to create and develop the most beautiful relationships at all levels!

The ONLINE conference will be held on October 24-28, 2022, by


and we will be there! Yehuda will bring the topic:

 The Art of Conscious Relationship – Transforming a defensive reaction into an act of empathy.

A relationship is a garden – if you take care of it and regularly clean it of what destroys it – the garden will grow, bloom and bear fruit. If you neglect it – it will die. Conscious empathy nourishes the relationship, defensive reactions destroy it. Both can become conscious: Methodical empathy can strengthen the culture of empathy in every relationship, and uncontrolled reactions can become conscious and controlled. We can limit their destructive, toxic effect. Yehuda Tagar introduces you to a practical, constructive and transformative approach to reactions. He will show directly, and together with him, you will also experience in practice how challenges and personal reactions can become an opportunity for deeper empathy in theory and practice.

In addition to us, you can look forward to another 20 great speakers and mentors who, during
live workshops and lectures, will bring new insights into the topic of fulfilled relationships.
And what’s the best part? This conference is completely FREE; just register!
We are looking forward to meeting you!


 24. – 28. 10. 2022

You can find the program here:

Yehuda Tagar
Mira Tagar
Jana Múdra

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Mon - Fri, 24. - 28. October 2022


The first day begining at 17:00
All day




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