5th International Conference of Psychophonetics




Dear friends!

We invite you to join us at the fifth International Conference of Psychophonetics at the beginning of October 2023 at the International Centre of Psychophonetics Institute International and Škola Empatie in Bernolákovo.

The conference is intended for everybody – graduates, students, and friends of Psychophonetics Counselling plus public members interested in counseling modalities, because we want to dedicate it to the common topic ofCOUNSELLING: A NEW PROFESSION IN SLOVAKIA

 The conference will be combined – in person and online. We will send more detailed information to registered participants.

We invite you to listen to practical contributions dedicated to the unique experience of counselors in Psychophonetics counseling and we will also have very interesting speakers from other counseling modalities.

After the conference, there will be time for a meeting of practitioners in Psychophonetics – a regular association meeting and professional postgraduate training.

We look forward to meeting everybody!


 3. – 5. 10. 2023

CONFERENCE – for everybody

  • Tuesday 3.10.2023
  • 18:00 – 20:00   Opening: Miroslava Tagar
  • Panel: Counselling, Deep Empathy and Current Evolution
  • Wednesday 4.10.2023  
  • 9,00-9,15             Introduction & Welcome (Yehuda Tagar, Miroslava Tagar)
  • 9,15-10,15          From Past to Future Community – Counselling & Empathy as evolutionary processes (Yehuda Tagar)
  • 10,30-11,30      When the Counsellor Needs Counselling (Katherine Train)           
  • 11,45-12,45      Man’s life task in the medieval doctrine of angels (Emil Páleš)
  • 13,45 -14,15      Emotional and Psychological Abuse on Children. (Samuel Schürer)
  • 14,30-15,30       Six Visual Aids to understanding the processes of psyche and empathy in counselling and psychotherapy.(Tessa Martina)
  • 15,45-16,45   Wellbeing-an evening of exploration with the wild youth collective. (Ann Bass)
  • 17,00-18,00       The Emerging Self – work with teenagers with Psychophonetics. (Blanka Lichtnerová)
  • Thursday 5.10.2023
  • 9,00-9,15           Introduction & Welcome (Yehuda Tagar, Miroslava Tagar)
  • 9,15-10,15         An exploration of the holistic nature of therapeutic change through Psychophonetics: A doctoral research study. (Robin Steele)
  • 10,30-11,15       Journey to become a counsellor. (Jana Múdra)
  • 11,30-12,15        Methodical empathy for teachers. (Mira Tagar)
  • 13,15-14,15        Methodical Empathy as Personal Initiation. (Yehuda Tagar)
  • 14,30-15,30       The Spiritual Dimension of Working with Grief (Mick Young)
  • 15,45-16,45       Creation as a tool of self-knowledge. (Zuzka Kyselicová)
  • 17,00-18,00        Conclusion & Future vision. (Yehuda Tagar)
6. 10. 2023


IAPPfor students of 2nd, 3rd year and practitioners
  • association meeting for Psychophonetics practitioners


SUPERVISIONfor practitioners
  • supervison questions
 7.10. 2023
POSGRADUATE TRAINING -for students of 2nd, 3rd year and practitioners
  • Postgraduate training day in Sounds for healing in Psychophonetics
  • FREE as a gift from Yehuda for the 10th anniversary of the School of Empathy.
  • Will be counted towards the 2 days of CPD per year required for professional membership of IAPP.
  • 9,00-10,30       Refreshing training in ‘Sound-Vocabulary’ and Sound-Naming’.
  • 11,00-12,30    Sounds & the Etheric Body – the 7 Life Processes, the 11 systems of physiology, and the sounds. Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • 14,00-15,30    Practical applications of ‘Sound-Naming’: Herpes, Eczema, Panic Attach, Claustrophobia, Migraine.
  • 16,00-17,30     Practical applications of ‘Sound-Naming’: Immune Enhancement, Auto-Immune
  •          Disorders, Heart Safety, Addictions and ‘Astral Parasites’
  • Details of program may change considering specific requests and professional needs.

    Yehuda Tagar
    Mira Tagar
    Jana Múdra

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    Tue - Sat, 3. - 7. October 2023


    The first day begining at 18:00
    All day


    60 €


    Theresia Chateau
    Kaštieľ 5 90027 Bernolákovo Slovak republic


    The School of Empathy
    +421 910 926 450