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Profesor Dr. Zelda Knight PhD

I write this letter in my capacity as President of SAAP – South African Association of Psychotherapy, headquartered at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. I am also a Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Rhodes University. I am also a registered Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council for South Africa.

Mr Tagar is an exceptional individual, teacher, counsellor, psychotherapist and trainer in mastery of arrange of unique and extraordinary skills which he has evolved over many years of work in a number of countries. Building on an extensive education and training in social sciences, humanities and the arts, Mr Tagar developed the field of Psychophonetics, a field which continues to expand both locally and internationally. Psychophonetics is a form of personal coaching, counselling and therapy that involves the use of verbal as well as non-verbal modes of communication: sense, gesture, sounds and visualisation to promote self awareness and a range of modes of self-intervention for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The holistic principles of Psychophonetics (as practised and taught by Mr Tagar) resonate deeply with the traditional as well as the multi-cultural human landscape of South.

I first met Mr Tagar in 2001 at the foundation conference of the South African Association of Psychotherapy of which I am a co-founder and the current president. Mr Tagar was originally invited by us to present his work on recovery from sexual abuse with Psychophonetics. We were deeply impressed by the richness, artistry, humanity and effectiveness of his approach to this deeply concerning condition here and worldwide, and by the development of Psychophonetics in general. On the basis of his presented work Mr Tagar was accepted by us as a professional member of SAAP. His subsequent contribution to SAAP’s follow up conference in 2003 on “Metaphors as Reality for the Life-Body” and the experiential workshop he gave to the whole conference equally highly appreciated.

The wealth of publications and presentations under Mr Tagar’s name and the body of work and training he has created in South Africa since his arrival here are a testimony to his internationally professionally recognised expertise, and I have no hesitation in expressing my opinion that Mr Tagar possesses exceptional and extraordinary skills in the field of personal development, counselling, executive and organizational coaching using Psychophonetics.