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For seekers of deeper meaning, spiritual philosophy, anthroposophy, evolution of consciousness, personal and cultural transformation, self-created wisdom, psychosophy.

Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the universe.

A search for true knowledge about the human being and the universe lives in every human being and a natural, in-born essential need. To that timeless search Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy is a significant and consequential 20th century contribution, touching all fields of human knowledge and of human endeavors. It resulted in substantial contribution to education, sciences, spiritual development, evolution of consciousness, medicine, arts, agriculture, political thinking, economy, and psychology, all in the direction of consciously humanizing society and culture.

Psychophonetics is the first practical application of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy, his proposed foundation of a new psychology for the 20th century that is based on a holistic understanding of the human constitution, its past and future development. Through Psychophonetics process of deep self-awareness, self-healing and personal and relationships transformation – Psychophonetics translate general Anthroposophical understanding of human beings and the world – into a practical laboratory in which these views are becoming direct personal experience, personal observation and personal wisdom.

Intimate relationship exists, in the depth of every human soul, between personal human life and the meaning of existence. This intimate relationship is natural for children, but as we evolve into adulthood – we all lose it, as the whole of humanity lost it in its evolution. We lose it but we suffer that loss, and the individual search for personal meaning never stops. This search keeps shaping the lives of individuals and of humanity as a whole throughout history. In the past the meaning of people’s lives was given to them by someone else from the outside. For progressive humanity these time are now over as the source and the authority of personal meaning is fast moving to the inside of the personal life of individuals.

In this striving for personal experiential knowledge of oneself and the world – Psychophonetics serves as ‘The Midwife of knowledge’ in the original Socratean sense of the word. Through psychophonetics process of self-awareness and transformation – we don’t have to believe in the spiritual dimension of human beings and of the world – for they become the ‘Modus Operandi’ of the developmental process itself.