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The birth of inner authority

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”


The potential to be one’s leader, teacher, and healer lives within each of us today, waiting to be manifested in reality. Humanity has been pregnant, awaiting the birth of this ability, for at least the last 60 years. And like any birth, this one, if not done in time, can turn into a dangerous existential crisis. Psychophonetics is a form of skilled midwifery in the birth of the inner leader, healer and teacher in each of us.

Notes from sessions

…1 story…

I stood there with a woman in her thirties, full of life, hope, strength, optimism and determination to express and fulfil my life potential. She had a decent career that she left because she couldn’t apply her creativity enough. She had three job offers in front of her, attractive from a financial and career point of view, but with none of them, she felt that it was her real role in this life. She was at a crossroads in her life. She came to me to help her find her true calling. That was her wish.

..vocation counselling…

We entered the psychophonetic process of choosing a vocation, which is based on three mission questions:

  1. What kind of activity do you love?
  2. What do you know you have to do?
  3. What calls you to service?

The client found meaningful answers to the first and third questions, but she could not answer the second one, which hit her the hardest. She touched a powerful blocked potential essential for her further development. The woman knew only one thing: “I want to find what is right for me!”

…fear to take full power…

I used a sequence we call “creating a new resource”:

“Remember a moment when you felt completely at a loss, not knowing what to do, enter fully into this experience, express it with a physical gesture, step out of it and look at the empty chair where you were sitting a moment ago. What do you see?”

“A helpless woman looking for guidance that doesn’t come.”

“What does she need from you?”

“Trust, support, care, leadership, taking responsibility.”

“Become that character, the one who can give her confidence, support, and guidance.” She could see the character, but she couldn’t become it. Something stood in her way.

“What is it?”

“Fear”. She is afraid to take her full power.

I encouraged her to look at the fear holding her back from becoming her source of guidance. She was able to do that. For the first time, she looked at her fear without fear. She looked at her fear, and before my eyes, she went from being afraid to looking at her fear. We both knew that fear of one’s power was its threshold. On the other side of the threshold lives her powerful self that knows. Facing her fear became her new inner resource.

..2 story…

I am sitting with a forty-year-old, educated professional, confident, capable and experienced. However, he does not perceive this as an expression of his true self. He feels disconnected from his true source of being and wishes to reconnect with it. He tried everything possible: ignore and suppress this feeling, follow spiritual teachers, and use various psychotropic herbs. But none of it worked. Nothing brought an answer to the question: Why am I here? None of it changed him.

…emptiness as a source…

 “It has to come from me,” he concluded with a conviction born of true self-knowledge.

I can help him with that. I’ll suggest that he step into the question and express the frustration he’s experiencing as he asks it. The frustrated, struggling self that experiences this emptiness IS a potential new resource. Pain, frustration, and feeling disconnected from an authentic source is a manifestations of a higher being seeking a way to be born through it.

This option is new for him, as it is for most people. He wants to try it. I asked him to recall a time when he felt disconnected and lost in his life. This is a feeling he knows well and can instantly tune into. He can feel it with his whole body and express it in a powerful spontaneous gesture.

…crushing expectations…

He gets out of the gesture, turns around, looks at the empty chair he was sitting on before and through imagination, can see himself in it in the gesture he made a moment ago.

He says he sees himself under a huge boulder crushing him.

I ask him to become that boulder.

In this position, he discovers that the boulder is everyone and everything that pressures him from the outside to be what is expected of him: parents, teachers, and social pressures.

He gets out of his position, turns around and sees what has controlled and determined him for years: external expectations and pressures.

-“The more I let those pressures enter me, the heavier the boulder becomes.”

Never before had he been in a position to observe pressures and be the one being crushed at the same time. In this place, he feels a wave of compassion for that part of himself. Now he clearly sees that he himself collaborated with external pressures. He takes responsibility for this. Now he knows that he was his own greatest oppressor.

…compassion as a new beginning…

Who is he becoming now, looking at himself as crushed by external pressures, not blaming anyone, taking responsibility for himself? It is a new resource that has never been here before. He will make a symbolic compassionate gesture expressing care and protection. The boulder immediately shrinks until it disappears completely. There is no longer any need to struggle with external pressures. They disappear when he takes responsibility for himself with compassion, wisdom and the power to act. This was a new beginning for him.

Inner leadership potential

With these short descriptions of two recent psychophonetic sessions, I have tried to show that the potential for inner leadership exists in each of us today. If born, it can replace all voices of external authority, teaching, guidance and healing with the voice of internal authority, teacher, leader and healer. However, it does not mature only with the passage of time. It has to be born consciously.

For thousands of years, people have been guided and controlled by external authorities. Until 1918, all the countries of Europe, with a few exceptions, were under the rule of unelected monarchs with absolute power. This gradually collapsed over the 20th century, and today dictatorships are the exception in Europe. This revolution continues with continued developments in gender equality, ethnic minority rights, LGBTI rights, workers’ rights, children’s rights and environmental legislation.

However, the emergence of internal autonomy and authority of the individual cannot be stopped. And each step of this liberating effort is done through conscious work, crossing personal thresholds, and thanks to the discovery of a new spiritual authority within our soul.

original text Yehuda Tagar
edited Mira Tagar