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Healing – cooperation with the forces of life

Psychophonetics – a method of energetic self-healing based on Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy

Today we live in a time when it is highly relevant, even urgent, to become aware of our own “Inner Healer” and become his active collaborator. Everyone can become a conscious participant in their healing. To do so, however, it is necessary to take a decisive step on the path of your spiritual development.

How to see your inside?

Psychophonetics was created to empower people to become their healers by allowing them to observe their own experiences as if on a screen directly. With the help of Psychophonetics, everyone can directly and objectively observe their innermost bodily, mental and spiritual experiences. How is it possible?

By expanding the thinking and intellectual consciousness that we use most of the time with sensory, movement-imagination and sound-vibrational intelligence. In other words – we consciously perceive what is invisible, and we express the processes that we gently capture. Subsequently, we can see them and find their resonance and express it with speech sounds. The combination of all these elements in one process creates what we call Psychophonetics

Basic tools of Psychophonetics

  • Perception: Every dynamic, every ongoing process in the body can potentially be perceived in the same way we perceive tastes, smells, sounds, touch and visual sensations. We can capture the dynamics of life as we perceive pain, pleasure, hunger, thirst, freshness, fatigue, desire, frustration and satisfaction. We can perceive our feelings affecting the body, heartbeat, and feelings around the stomach. We perceive breathing and sensations from the skin, inflammation in the body, blood pressure, pain and other bodily reactions. In Psychophonetics, we consciously develop a sensory perception of life dynamics until it becomes a reliable tool for communication with one’s body.  
  • Gesture: Every experience we perceive can also be expressed in a direct, spontaneous bodily gesture. Hands can express any human experience. If we foster this ability within ourselves, we can express all bodily dynamics that we are capable of capturing in 3-D form. The human body has an innate ability to express every experience. Babies do it all the time. That’s why mothers understand even when babies can’t talk yet. In Psychophonetics, this ability of spontaneous expression through the body is consciously developed for self-awareness and healing.
  • Visualization: If we directly perceive a bodily experience and then consciously express it through gesture, it becomes, surprisingly, visible to the new cognitive ability that most people have developed during the last fifty years. This faculty is receptive to the imagination. During the last half-century, we have all become clearer to ourselves, and with the eye of creative imagination, we can “see” our body dynamics. Try it and see!
  • Sounds: The universal alphabet of mankind, the group of consonants and vowels used by all people in different languages, is the oldest language of mankind. Even before babies begin to use words, they express their whole being through sounds, the basic elements of speech. Once upon a time, we as humanity, had one unified language. We still have it. The operating mode of life dynamics is also the inner dynamics of the sounds of voices, the Kabalistic Tree of Life. The basic elements of human language are also the basic elements of life dynamics.

The key to the vault of our memories

Through Psychophonetics, we found the key to the vault of our memories. At the same time, it is also the key to all life processes of breathing, thermoregulation, nutrition, maintenance, excretion, growth and reproduction, to our entire physiology. After feeling, gesturing, and visualizing the experience, we can find a sound or combination of sounds that can be accurately matched to each dynamic and experience in the body. We can also find a voice or combination of voices for every aspect of human memories. When we find the right voice for an experience, it can be explored, released, or changed. Then we can give a hand to the “Inner Healer” within us, become his student and colleague, support him, and thus find greater wisdom, depth and authenticity. 

Cocreator of life forces

Everyone can become a collaborator of their life forces and take responsibility for their life based on intuition. This is, and always has been, the first condition for sustainable spiritual development. The only limit to the ability of self-knowledge and self-healing is the will to know and heal oneself. Within each of us is the potential to be our healer, teacher and leader. But first, we must all become explorers of ourselves.

Psychophonetics is a method of self-development, self-healing, development and healing of others, which you can learn more about at the School of Empathy events.


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original text by Yehuda Tagar
edited by Mira Tagar