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My last article in Vitalita has been rather poetical. This one is primarily philosophical and ethical in nature, exploring two incompatible approaches to understanding human life: Causality and Teleology.
We will never stop changing and evolving. All our crises are, for us, human beings, the most adaptable creature on Earth - primarily various stimuli for change. Our only chance of staying human is by keeping developing our humanity. To be human means to keep developing. Any fixed state of being becomes stagnation, resulting in degradation, degeneration, regression, sickness and inhumanity. The only stability for us is evolution, the only constant element in our lives is the change itself. The healthy human soul is the evolving human soul. The only healthy drinking water is the moving, flowing water.
People don’t die. It is a myth which became the unquestionable dogma for European dominant materialism evolving over the past 600 years2. Bodies die. But everything of the nature of consciousness and relationship in human life is made of spirit and of soul, not of chemistry.