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It is obvious to a growing number of people everywhere that what was once considered ‘normal’ relationship does no longer exists, and what does exists – does not feel normal to most people, namely: relationship, without special effort put into them, does not feel to most people to be what it should be in their hopes and ideals. Unhealthy repetitive patterns can destroy the most beautiful love stories, and only a new level of self-awareness can change them.
One late Spring evening on top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley in central Slovakia I stood with a group of seven men around a fire. All of us were men who are committed to personal development, all of us family men in committed marriages to the woman we love in families and in homes with our children, courageous and honest enough to look inside ourselves and see our personal reality: the good, the bad, the wise and the stupid, the successes and the failures, the courage and the fear, the love and the hate, the beautiful and the ugly.
Participative medicine
I am not a medical doctor and Psychophonetics is not a mainstream medical method. I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and a complementary health practitioner, with 20 years of clinical experience in registered medical clinics in Australia and South Africa, and Psychophonetics is a method of complementary support for physical, emotional, mental, relationship and professional self-health care and personal development. Psychophonetics is a method of ‘Participatory-Medicine’ and what it can do which is unique to it is: involving the client of therapy in the process of self-healing as a colleague in a therapeutic team, not as a passive recipient of physical intervention.
Human beings are the most complicated ecosystem on Earth. It is time we apply the highly evolved and ever evolving 20th & 21st centuries ecological/environmental awareness to the multi-levelled human individual constitution as a foundation for deeper understanding of human relationship and human social systems.
We will never stop changing and evolving. All our crises are, for us, human beings, the most adaptable creature on Earth - primarily various stimuli for change. Our only chance of staying human is by keeping developing our humanity. To be human means to keep developing. Any fixed state of being becomes stagnation, resulting in degradation, degeneration, regression, sickness and inhumanity. The only stability for us is evolution, the only constant element in our lives is the change itself. The healthy human soul is the evolving human soul. The only healthy drinking water is the moving, flowing water.
People don’t die. It is a myth which became the unquestionable dogma for European dominant materialism evolving over the past 600 years2. Bodies die. But everything of the nature of consciousness and relationship in human life is made of spirit and of soul, not of chemistry.
We are all becoming more and more tired. The human race is now more active and more exhausted at the same time – than ever before. We live longer, but not very well. The phenomena of chronic stress in the workplace, chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout and low immunity are spreading fast. 80% of the workplace worldwide is chronically stressed.
The beauty of people’s souls shines forth for me when they are looking passionately towards the rest of humanity, or at least some of humanity, or at least one other person – with love. Then they are becoming really visible for me. Then I can see who they really are. When they focus on their own pleasures they are animated and alive and very busy - but I cannot see their spirit shining forth. I cannot see them. I may want something from them, I may want something to give them, but I cannot really see their essential nature, as it does not shine. And then I lose my interest in growing forward and in travelling with them.
UA warning: this article is highly theoretical, intended for those who are interested in the theoretical background of Psychophonetics. Understanding the fundamental structure of the human constitution is like having a map for the journey of individual life. Most of us travel without a map, or we are drawing the map as we travel. But consciously or not – everyone has to develop some basic approach to the structure of the human constitution as the basis of their conduct, choices, relationships and parenthood.