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Personal intimate relationships are in urgent need of upgrading everywhere. We cannot manage it the old ways any more. We have grown into complex sophisticated individuals in an ever more complex civilization. Traditions, old habits and following previous generations don’t work for us any more. We are upgrading everything around us all the time from the simplest gadgets to IT to international trade, but the way we interact in personal relationships remains primitive, from the simplest of people to the most cultured and educated ones.
What is the mission of men in the 21st century? Men used to have their unique mission. They ruled the world indisputably for thousands of years, regarding women as secondary class citizens, inferior human beings born to serve them, love them, bear their children, care for them, entertain them, obey them and have no say in the running of the world. Only 126 years ago women were given equal vote for the first time: New Zealand 1893, South Australia 1894. Switzerland gave women this right only in 1971.
Empathy is a growing field of research, development and training. The term has been used since 1951, but the appreciation for its importance keeps growing as the cutting edge of conscious human evolution. Methodical Empathy, the process by which an individual's capacity for empathy can grow methodically – is Psychophonetics most important cultural contribution in its 35 years of existence. Empathy is so new in human cultural evolution – we can teach it and learn it like any other skill, as demonstrated through Psychophonetics practice and professional training.
For my first Vitalita article of 2020 I chose a blessing: an act of conscious appreciation for all the human and natural resources that I have as a step in my own personal development, to share with you.
As a trainer of personal development with a holistic perspective it is my obligation to my students from time to time to step back from the details and to create a fresh picture of what the human being is from that perspective. Can a being have perspective upon itself? It is a good question.
My last article in Vitalita has been rather poetical. This one is primarily philosophical and ethical in nature, exploring two incompatible approaches to understanding human life: Causality and Teleology.
The struggle for freedom has many fronts. From times immemorial human being have been fighting for freedom from outer suppression, from domination from others, from slavery, from discrimination, from being ruled by other classes, from inferior rights, from segregation, from the domination of the new world from its European colonial masters, from the domination of women by men, freedom from poverty, from ignorance, from hunger. This struggle continues today in many places and we do not see an end in sight: Hong Kong against Mainland China, Rohingya people against the Myanmar government, Amazonian people against the Brazilian government, the Kurdish people against the government of four countries, economic migrants everywhere against border restrictions.
WE CAN ENHANCE OUR IMMUNITY - I wish to contribute a note of hope, encouragement and personal empowerment Into the general discourse today in the face of the panic, chaos, paralysis, powerlessness and growing state controls, caused by the spreading of the coronavirus pandemic: each one of us can make oneself more resilient in the face of this danger by directly enhancing the power of one’s own immunity.