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Psychosomatic participative medicine

Participative medicine
As the covid 19 pandemic is gripping human civilization worldwide speculations about its deep cause abound. A whole plethora of scientific, semi-scientific and anti-scientific theories circulate, none of them seems to help in stopping the pandemic and its causes. Millions are being vaccinated everyday but no one knows for sure the effectiveness of this one solution against this ever-mutating virus. Effective remedies are still being explored, while the world's economical, social, cultural and educational life are catastrophically disrupted and destroyed. Uncertainty is the only certainty worldwide.
Participative medicine
I am not a medical doctor and Psychophonetics is not a mainstream medical method. I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and a complementary health practitioner, with 20 years of clinical experience in registered medical clinics in Australia and South Africa, and Psychophonetics is a method of complementary support for physical, emotional, mental, relationship and professional self-health care and personal development. Psychophonetics is a method of ‘Participatory-Medicine’ and what it can do which is unique to it is: involving the client of therapy in the process of self-healing as a colleague in a therapeutic team, not as a passive recipient of physical intervention.
Participative medicine
These are the final days of the dramatic 2022, first days of 2023 - and the un-predictable is winning. What a year this has been! No sooner had we started to move on from the global pandemic - we plunged Into the greatest European war of aggression of the 21st century with completely unpredictable consequences for everyone. The only predictable factor of our time is unpredictability.