Women are taking up their equal position in society world-wide with unstoppable momentum. It has been a long road just to recognise their equal right to vote: 1881 Isle of Man, 1893 New Zealand, 1917 Canada, 1918 Britain and Germany, 1920 in the USA. It has been a long road since the Women Liberation Movement of the 60’s to the relative improved conditions for women’s economic and political equality of today, and there is still a long way to go for realising true equality between the sexes.
It does not take a very sharp eye to realise that we live continuously on many dimensions at the same time. Against the background of the dominant materialistic worldview in our academic and public life - for many people one human lifetime is only a chapter of a much bigger cycle of time, story and biography. Some believe in the possibility of reincarnation, some scoff at it as an old eastern religion and western hippies fairy tale. But there is another category of people regarding the possibility of repeated earthly lives: those who experience their previous lives with the same clarity and strength of reality with which they experience any other memory. For them past life is not a matter of belief but of direct personal experience.