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Sexual intimacy is one of the major dimensions of personal and spiritual development in our time. Indeed the major stages of the evolution of sexual awareness in the second half of the 20 th century took place alongside the rapid development of individuation during the same period. Sexual development and the development of individual identity seem to be two sides of the same evolutionary process.
There is a deep longing in creation for unifying through the separation of earthly existence. No sooner has a new baby been born out of the body of his mother he/she longs with to reunite with her through her breast and her milk. That urge to reunite with the body of the mother will not fade for many years. It will later be transformed into another urge for uniting with another human body: sexual intimacy.
This is a message of hope for the New Year: human traumas can be healed from the inside of the soul, by oneself, and the healing process itself can become a new step in one’s personal and spiritual development, strength, resilience and maturity.