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Forgiveness is a healing, redeeming, life giving process, but only if it is real. Forgiveness as intention, duty, ideology, religious instruction or lip service ‐ is a misleading illusion, or a lie. It is certainly not an intellectual process, and the intention to forgive, while being a necessary component of it – is in itself powerless to affect a real change.
Empathy is a new word, a new human capacity and a new frontier of conscious evolution. Required and expected everywhere- empathy can be taught. Empathy is not a technical skill but a new organ of perception for the inner life of another, forged out of a deeper knowledge of oneself. To See, Hear, and Know another human being requires the creation of new capacities of perceptive Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition within oneself. It is an initiative requiring personal transformation.
Grief and loss are organic aspects of human life. Everything we have as living beings in time and space and biological life, we are bound to lose at some point. Loss and grief are incorporated into our deepest nature together with the promise of self renewal. We are all potentially equipped for dealing with it well - as a potential. So many other natural capacities we possessed instinctively and traditionally in older times, but nowadays we have lost to a large extent the inherent cultural capacity to grieve. This means we now have to consciously create a process to experience, digest, recover and grow from the experience of grief.
Every drastic personal life transition is potentially a crisis requiring a new dimension of us to manifest. If we manage to mobilise a new resource, then a step in our development takes place. If we fail to do it, diminishing damage takes place.
Today I wish to write about gratitude ‐ about the sustaining, medicinal and transformative power of human gratitude as a conscious, spiritual activity. The conscious cultivation of gratitude is the 6 th condition, out of the 7 conditions 1 for spiritual development.
There must be, in each one of us, alongside the true human being that each one of us is, the ‘I’ – an invisible, powerful, ever present opposite, the ‘Anti‐I’. This ‘Anti‐I’ inside of everyone’s body and soul, I call the ‘Human Double’
Alongside the real human being in each one of us lives its opposite: the personal, inherent anti‐human. It is always there in us, the source for everything that we humans do which is inhuman on all levels: personal, social, professional, global.
This is part 3 of the series of articles about the human Double and is dedicated to the practical Psychophonetics processes of identifying, confronting, and transforming our Double into the strength of our own grounded individual spirit.